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  1. Mike/Aaron, I tried again using the steps outlined in mikes post, but my site seems to work fine. It returns the invalid voucher code error. Must be something wrong with Mikes code? Jono
  2. Aaron - I've tested this redeem button issue on my site and it doesn't seem to be a problem. Perhaps it's due to the extra code which Mike is commenting out. Jono
  3. Ok - found the solution: I don't know if I just missed something in the notes, but I found that in order_total.php in the credit_selection function, I had to replace: $class = substr($value, 0, strrpos($value, '.')); if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled && $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_class) { $use_credit_string = $GLOBALS[$class]->use_credit_amount(); if ($selection_string =='') $selection_string = $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_selection(); if ( ($use_credit_string !='' ) || ($selection_string != '') ) { with $class = substr($value, 0, strrpos($value, '.')); if ($GLOBALS[$class]->enabled && $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_class) { $use_credit_string = ''/*$GLOBALS[$class]->use_credit_amount()*/; if ($selection_string =='') $selection_string = $GLOBALS[$class]->credit_selection(); if ( ($use_credit_string !='' ) || ($selection_string != '') ) { so that it didn't reprint the use_credit_amount variable (ie the checkbox & accompanying text) again. I couldn't see this in the readme file....hope this will be helpful. Jono
  4. Hi All, It appears I'm having a similar problem to devon - I have installed this addon (v1.1) over a CCGV 5.14, and I get a checkbox in the Gift Voucher Redeem section as well as the correct checkbox in the payment type section. Strange... In looking for an answer to this I've noticed that use_credit_amount_sub function is not called upon anywhere - is it meant to replace use_credit_amount?? Jono
  5. Hi guys, Thanks for that, it's now up and running. Cheers for the Mod too Jonyo & team, very nice. The checkbox system on CCGV was always a bit confusing - and ugly! Cheers, Jono
  6. Hi Devon, Yeah, I've had the same problem on a working install of CCGV 5.14. checked all my entries against the install text but there doesn't seem to be any errors. One interesting point - the install file says that the checkout_process file will be altered, but it doesn't give any instructions for adding to it. Maybe there is a PHP version problem or something similar - since some people are installing no probs. Jono :blink: