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  1. jbr39117

    Google Analytics module

    Clement, Yes, the template reflects all the changes that I make to it. As of now, the template contains both the urchin tracking code (ssl version - the conditional does not work for sts) and the onLoad="java script:__utmSetTrans()" code which are both showing in the source code when viewed, but that is all it is showing. The utm form is not showing up. Does the analytics/analytics.php command need to be placed differently in the checkout_success.php file when using sts? -Jared Lyle, has this worked for you? Wouldnt that need to go before the </head> tag in the checkout_success.php file?
  2. jbr39117

    Google Analytics module

    Clement, As of now I am still having difficulty... I still cannot view the utm form in the source code on the checkout_success.php page. Does the fact that I use STS have anything to do with it? First I tried it without creating a template (everything went into the checkout_success.php page), then I created a template and put the tracking code and "onLoad="java script:__utmSetTrans()" into it which didnt work either. Is there something I am missing here?
  3. jbr39117

    Google Analytics module

    Clement, Thankyou very much for the contribution. I have a question... I installed your contribution. Is there any way to test if I installed it successfully?