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  1. Hello, SEO urls are great! I'm very happy with this one, I just wonder I saw that a lot of links visited by bot look like this one example-11.html?osCsid=9dcc3508dc657934220bb31206afd0b9 I don't like ?osCsid=9dcc3508dc657934220bb31206afd0b9 is there any way to get rid of it? or googlebot cuts it off? I would be grateful for opinions, Thank You and Merry X-mas
  2. Hello, I use SEO urls and googlesitemaps by Chemo. I moved my store to root and I edited both configure.php now I tried to generates new maps, I get info "CONGRATULATIONS! All files generated successfully." but it's not truth because map files are emtpy. When I was generatings maps in /catalog it worked fine. What could cause that? Maybe that I moved store? But as I said I modified configure's files. Thank you for support!
  3. Hello, I would like to use Table Rate but I can't make it work properly. I tried with two items just for a test and it does not work. Weight of one item is: 1.3 and weight of second item is: 0.7 Table Rate is: 0.8:14,1.4:26,1.9:38 and it's set to table method: weight Now I check one item and shipping cost is 0 instead of 26, and then I check second item and cost is 0 instead of 14. When I check 2 items at once shipping cost is 0 too Any ideas? Thank you
  4. curi0us

    Table rate and wigh problem

    Actually I'm close to make it work, 3 details were wrong (I suppose): 1. Configuration -> Shipping/Packaging I changed "Larger packages - percentage increase." to 0 (guess that it wasn't this but I didn't want it) and more important I changed "Package Tare weight" to 0 because I calculate item with tare package weight in table rate so it was counted twice. I also wrote weight in other format I don't kow if it's this but I made it all at once so I write it all to make sure that I will help you. I changed weight format from 0.700 (700g) to 7 (it means 700g now) and 1.3 changed to 13 (it means 1300g) now. I will let you know when I make it work perfectly
  5. curi0us

    Table rate and wigh problem

    is any one willing to help me? I have tried all ways and I still can't make it work and it's bothering me. Thanks!