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  1. Has anyone tried creating a module for the latest iteration of Amazon's payment system using their SDK? osCommerce is not currently supported and (from our communication with them) they do not plan to do so.
  2. @@raiwa, Spot on. Thank you.
  3. @@ecommunlimited, I'm not using any order total mods. It's not in any of the language files either. @@raiwa, Changing this line does not seem to affect the output. Could it be echoed anywhere else?
  4. How can I delete the brackets and the plus from the order total block (see attachment)? I have traced the plus to the following line in /includes/functions/general.php but removing the sign shifts the Sales Tax words. $tax_description .= $tax['tax_description'] . ' + '; } $tax_description = substr($tax_description, 0, -3); Cannot find the brackets anywhere.
  5. Which add-on is recommended for 2.3.4 GOLD? Cannot seem to find a compatible one.
  6. Is it possible to use just the part of this add-on that handles display of custom descriptions on category pages? We already use other add-ons to handle titles and tags and would not want to reassign those, which could also have a negative effect on our indexing.
  7. @@raiwa, removing and doing a fresh install does sound like a much easier option. How would you remove it though?
  8. @@raiwa, what is the correct way to upgrade from r17 to the latest version on a heavily modified store with a custom template?
  9. The solution is to change the following within class.smtp.php (in both /includes/classes and /admin/includes/classes). STREAM_CRYPTO_METHOD_TLS_CLIENT to STREAM_CRYPTO_METHOD_TLSv1_2_CLIENT
  10. Running 2.3.4 on PHP 5.6.14 and right after switching to TLS 1.2 causes the following warnings to spring up when the cart is trying to send mail (e.g. order status updates, order confirmation). Warning: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL operation failed with code 1. OpenSSL Error messages: error:1408F10B:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_RECORD:wrong version number in /home/xxx/public_html/xxx/includes/classes/class.smtp.php on line 344 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/xxx/public_html/xxx/includes/classes/class.smtp.php:344) in /home/xxx/public_html/xxx/includes/functions/general.php on line 38 This appears to be a PHP-related issue. What is the correct PHP config to make PHPMailer play nicely with TLS 1.2?
  11. Thanks Rainer. The update seems to have fixed the thumb generation found in category listings. However, the thumbs (main and extra) on product pages still keep on being generated again and again with each visit. Does the add-on cover the thumb behaviour on detailed product pages? Currently, it takes ages to fully load a product page with say five 600+ KB images as ~3MB of data have to be loaded first before being resized.
  12. Why could it be that thumbnails are generated anew on each visit despite the fact that all of them already exist in the respective directory on the server, i.e. they have already been generated once? Minimum image values are correctly set up in the configuration panel. Also, where can the new releases be fetched from? The contribution page lists only one link to r9.
  13. For some reason, my installation is missing the fields to input SEO stuff when editing products. All the default Header Tags settings are enabled. Basically, the storefront page titles currently display product names followed by the store name. What am I missing? Where should I dig? Could someone please share screenshots of what it actually should look like? Does Header Tags apply to categories as well?
  14. Jack, is this off-topic? I'm using the module and thinking there may be a bug somewhere.
  15. Occasionally, I see incomplete URL path requests in Google Webmaster Tools. Naturally, they return 404 server errors. Why could this be happening?