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  1. Agreed. Account creation option at the end of the checkout would make it much more user-friendly. Our customer surveys show the same. Seeing this in one of the future releases of osC would be grand. As would quoting postage in the shopping cart and jumping straight to payment afterwards. The process has not changed in over ten years. Perhaps it is time?
  2. Point being that most users probably don't even click to verify the company name against the domain name. The presence of the green lock itself already adds confidence. I may be wrong. Has anyone seen stats on this recently? Update: I know you don't even need to click to verify but the point about the green lock presence stands.
  3. Has anyone done A/B testing with regard to EV SSL and trustmarks? Since most major browsers now display the green lock even for domain control validation, is the extra expense associated with EV justified? Are trustmarks still relied upon by your customers? What trustmarks work better in what regions (US and EU are probably different)? Has all of this become unnecessary and what conveys trust better now is UX (speed, simplicity, quality content)?
  4. I think it would be best not to include the possibility of storing card details so as to safeguard inexperienced osC users from potential risks. In the US, you may not store cardholder data as per PCI DSS anyway. Are there similar regulations in the EU and Australia?
  5. Interestingly, Amazon asks for card details before the checkout confirmation page. They also use AJAX, which helps making the whole process so smooth. It's lightning fast on mobile.
  6. @Harald Ponce de Leon Agreed on the progress column. Step 1 is registered/guest user selection, which eliminates this elsewhere altogether. Step 3 is skipped if billing and delivery addresses are the same. Step 4 could be avoided by passing details from the shopping cart if it has a shipping quote and selection box. Down to 3 steps really. To have something like this in stock osC would be awesome. I'm pretty sure it's a piece of cake for you all mighty devs. :) What is wrong with entering card details before confirming the order? Isn't that how it is in osC and everywhere else?
  7. Attached is what we would like to have instead of the stock checkout. Single page with AJAX-powered sections (both for registered users and guest). Clean, fast and convenient. We find that customers have become very impatient. Many leave because there are too many pages and no guest option.
  8. We would like to have a one-page checkout for both guests and registered customers. Many add-ons intend to add a guest checkout or transform the stock checkout to a one-page layout but all of them are ancient. What is a good way forward today, using Edge?
  9. What version is compatible with Edge and is not affected by the cache issues mentioned above?
  10. For anyone else wondering about this topic, leave the default pool option values and monitor. Then switch to ondemand and compare. Be careful if your store is busy as FastCGI loads up your server's RAM. In general, PHP-FPM is a great load balancing tool.
  11. @BrockleyJohn Sort order was the culprit.
  12. @John W Thanks for sharing. How many visitors do you get per month? It would be great to hear from those with relatively busy stores. Is there any noticeable performance improvement over the stock suPHP?
  13. I can confirm a smooth upgrade from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 10.2.7 on Edge.
  14. @Jack_mcs Would you say that it is better to upgrade to the latest version of MariaDB instead of MySQL 5.6 since cPanel are not planning on supporting any future versions of MySQL? Does osC work with MariaDB 10.2 without any issues?
  15. With an upgrade to EasyApache 4, we would like to take advantage of PHP-FPM. Does anybody use it? Any benefits? What pool options are recommended?