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  1. imusorka

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    There is nothing improper about the other search results and everyone above has been correct. Tone down your responses.
  2. imusorka

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    @burt Either you are referring to ranking signals or your Google is different from what everyone else sees. What do you mean URLs "are not shown"?
  3. @bruyndoncx I actually like the sound of the second approach. Is the installation as straightforward as they mention or are modifications required for it to work with osC? Or maybe this is massively outdated by today's web standards?
  4. imusorka

    Custom Attribute & Image Optimization

    @frankl Good one but why would we want to pay monthly for a one-time operation? Are there open-source alternatives? @Jack_mcs Option Types add-on is too much work for a heavily-modded install. Guess we'll keep it in mind for a future fresh install. As for the KISS thumbnailer, we already use it but image optimization is completely different from serving thumbs. We are talking about compression solutions such as the one mentioned by Frank above.
  5. 1. Is it possible to have an input field as an attribute instead of the usual drop-down menus? Is there a module for this? 2. Images are killing our load times. All speed tests point to image optimization. What is the best way of doing so to 20,000 files?
  6. imusorka

    AMP Optimization

    @frankl I'm aware of all the available libraries and was wondering whether someone has already played around with this.
  7. As you may know, Google is mobile-first now. Many marketers believe that Accelerated Mobile Pages will be big next year, to the point of becoming an index ranking factor. Has anyone looked into optimizing osC to take advantage of this?
  8. imusorka

    v2.3.5/v2.3.6 First Week in September

    Wondering the same. Has this been abandoned? Was hoping 2.4 would be rolling out around this time.
  9. imusorka

    Has anyone implemented Authorize.net CIM ?

    @Harald Ponce de Leon Could you please clarify? You are probably the most qualified to answer this question.
  10. imusorka

    Has anyone implemented Authorize.net CIM ?

    Are there any plans to support CIM? We would like to be able to tokenize customers' payment data.
  11. imusorka

    One-Page / Guest Checkout

    Stumbled upon this. Almost a year old but still valuable stats. 2016 State of eCommerce: Cart Abandonment and Recapture Statistics Lack of trust signals Lack of guest checkout Navigation in checkout Lack of cart abandonment emails These are key, I think. Automatic cart abandonment emails would be of great benefit to osC. What do locals think about trust marks? Anyone uses them?
  12. imusorka

    2.4 Series

    @Harald Ponce de Leon Will 2.3.6 basically mirror Edge? Would waiting for 2.4 be recommended for brand new installations?
  13. imusorka

    One-Page / Guest Checkout

    Agreed. Account creation option at the end of the checkout would make it much more user-friendly. Our customer surveys show the same. Seeing this in one of the future releases of osC would be grand. As would quoting postage in the shopping cart and jumping straight to payment afterwards. The process has not changed in over ten years. Perhaps it is time?
  14. imusorka

    One-Page / Guest Checkout

    I think it would be best not to include the possibility of storing card details so as to safeguard inexperienced osC users from potential risks. In the US, you may not store cardholder data as per PCI DSS anyway. Are there similar regulations in the EU and Australia?
  15. imusorka

    One-Page / Guest Checkout

    Interestingly, Amazon asks for card details before the checkout confirmation page. They also use AJAX, which helps making the whole process so smooth. It's lightning fast on mobile.