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  1. sabotage79

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    This might have been mentioned in this thread, but its too long to read :P www.timbercreeksoftware.com I use there SOLD! product. It was only $75.00 flat out - no other charges, and free upgrades - There has probably been 100 updates since I've been using it. Its probably the best 'offline' software solution, compared to sites like AuctionWatch and Andale who charge big monthly fees and auction cuts. They don't charge monthly, or upgrade fees, and it works seamlessly with eBay - I don't really think they use the API route - whoever is interested should email Timber Creek Software and try to find out how they do it. Check there forum as well - very active. Ryan
  2. Maybe I didn't understand your post - You said that is a new version that sends them through w/o reload - Can I do that with mine? I think im using 12/14/2002 - Discount Coupon (NC) v0.95
  3. Nice idea!! Send them on through without reload... smarty pants. :D Feed Me code Feed Me code
  4. I went to your shop, www.diyreef.com but coupons are not an option during checkout, or did I miss something..
  5. But in order to hit continue, you have to choose a payment method - If not, a warning pops up - What did you do about that? What build are you using..
  6. For the time being, I added a notice to please re-enter your payment information again, and click continue. I get alot of people confused, and keep re-entering the code each time the page reloads - what a hassle! Add .REDEEMED_COUPON_ENTERAGAIN to order_total/ot_coupon.php tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . urlencode(ERROR_REEDEEMED_AMOUNT.REDEEMED_COUPON.$coupon_amount.' '.$coupon_extra.REDEEMED_COUPON_ENTERAGAIN), 'SSL')); languages/english/order_total/ot_coupon.php define('REDEEMED_COUPON_ENTERAGAIN', '-Please re-enter your payment information and click Continue'); Really just a temporary fix - Putting the Available Credit fields on its own page might be the answer - anyone know?
  7. I hope someone can help me on this... Im running aprox 010303 Snap, /w Credit Class/Gift Voucher mod - don't remember version off hand. Anyway, everything works fine - has been for months - But i've always had this problem: When you choose Credit Card, enter your CC info - then below enter a coupon code - The page reloads and says the code was accepted, but the customer has to enter all the Credit Card info again! I search all of the board, and can't find an answer. (a) Is it possible to put GVoucher/Coupon boxes on a different page. or (B) have it 'remember' the users Credit Card info when the page reloads. HELP :)
  8. Strange questions maybe, but I now need to remove all attributes from items in a category. With the Attrib Copier contrib, it says ' WARNING: No Attributes to copy from Product ID # for: ... No copy was made'. Anyone know a work around for this, so that I can copy a products attributes (which are none) to other products in order to automagicly remove there attributes? The mod works fine for copying real attributes. Thank you! Ryan
  9. Chris: Do you use this method for your Newsletters? Because I received 3 in a roll, about 20min apart. :shock:
  10. Does anyone know of a contribution that would allow the customer an option at checkout to receive 'Feedback Request', or allow them to write a review, or something like this? I know there is one that will email the user if they sign up, but do not order. I want want that requests feedback of there experience, etc. soon after they the order has shipped, and they have received the product. (Aprox. 1-2 weeks later) Again, it would be 'optional' at checkout if they want to receive such an email or not. Thanks! Ryan
  11. sabotage79

    Contribution Request: Manual Order Entry

    So are you saying with your new version, we will no longer need to update core OSC files, as this runs on its own? Sounds great if so. :) Please give us the link to see it in action, and also to download. Thanks, Ryan
  12. sabotage79

    Updated: User Tracking with Admin 1.0

    Seem to be missing the instructions for placing the link in the Tools which I found in the old readme. Also, instead of the Title of the page, I get HEADING_TITLE, and OnlineBOX_TOOLS_USER_TRACKING in the tools.
  13. Get Winzip, it unzips it automagicly. www.winzip.com
  14. sabotage79

    [contribution] "Live Customer Support"

    I search all around, and came across many good support programs. I found a free one, which im using now. http://www.get1on1.com There is a 'Free' version that works just fine, and is limited compared to the expensive versions. Like I said, im using it on my OSC site at it works great! It doesn't 'refresh' the page every 5 seconds either. Here is my box code if ( $HTTPS !='on' ) {?> <div align="center"><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <!-- Hide from old browsers function newscreen4() { window.open("","talk","width=300,height=350,resizable=no,scrollbars=auto") } // Stop hiding from old browsers --> Stamp = new Date(); year = Stamp.getYear(); document.write('<A HREF="http://www.get1on1.com/cmct/caller/start?clientid=4540" TARGET="talk" onclick="newscreen4()"><img src="http://www.get1on1.com/cmct/operator/icon?clientid=4540&'+Stamp+'" border=0></a>'); </SCRIPT> <?php } else {?> <?php } ?> Since there seems to be no SECURE link for the icon, i've setup my column like this so that it does not show on secure pages. I hope to find out if there is a secure way to call on the script, since it has to be called from there servers: if ($HTTPS !='on' ) { require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'livechat.php'); } else { }
  15. sabotage79

    [contribution] "Live Customer Support"

    $news = new newsboy(); $news->xml_file = "http://magik.dk/services/icq/xml/?uin=".DPHP_ICQ; $news->parse(); $_result = trim($news->html); if ($_result == 'Online') { header('Location: ../images/customer_support_online.jpg'); } else { header('Location: ../images/customer_support_offline.jpg'); } $news->destroy(); http://magik.dk/services/icq/xml/?uin=248409511 Seems as though its not parsing the XML page - The page results clearly state 'ONLINE'. Ryan