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  1. heroyol

    Paypal IPN

    I just installed paypal ipn and Im having the same problem. Is there a way to fix this yet? I really dont want to use paypal without seller protection.
  2. Well I changed Forced Cookie Use to True and now the contrib works fine...
  3. Im using the latest version and the session id didnt disappear before I installed the contrib. Any idea how to fix this?
  4. No it doesnt disappear after i click on something else. Also that error when I turn it off makes me think something is wrong.
  5. Just installed the contrib and the urls look like : http://www.zzzzzzz.com/store/stuffff-p-1.h...eca688cfafd026a I used the right htaccess and changed it to /store/. Another problem happens when I set Enable SEO URLs to False and click on a product. I get "Redirection limit for this URL exceeded" and the product page doesnt load. The only other contrib I have installed so far is HeaderTags Please help me...
  6. heroyol

    fast easy checkout

    I just got this installed and Im having a little problem. Even though the Create Account box isnt checked its still asking for a password. How can I fix that? Also how can I change/add/remove the info that it is asking for in the checkout page? Thanks
  7. I just installed it but.. nothing changed. I followed the instructions. My oscommerce install is in a /store/ directory and my admin folder is called iadmin. Thanks btw i cleared my cache and still nothing