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  1. Bazza-UK

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Im having this problem also... has anybody figured a fix out for this as yet? I dont really wanna roll back my PHP/mySQL upgrade Any help would be much appreciated Baz
  2. Bazza-UK

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    It was spelt "surburb" instead of "suburb"... do a search for that (I think there are 4 instances) and it works fine.
  3. It solved all the above issues for me. Perhaps Im just lucky, im not sure. But, it now works a treat... now, all i gotta do is figure out how to set it so that it makes the payments "Pre auth" type, instead of just debiting the funds...any ideas gang? cheers Baz :)
  4. If it helps anybody, I found that if your Store name in ADMIN > CONFIG is more than 1 word long, it failed. Basically, if the store name has any spaces, then it seems to fail. for me anyway. Removed the spaces and changed name to just one word... works a treat! Baz
  5. Bazza-UK

    Multiple order update

    May I have a copy of those files for testing? Email to barry@lantrix.co.uk if you dont mind. Thanks Baz
  6. Bazza-UK

    Multiple order update

    I get this error too... can you keep me informed on progress also? Nice mod though! Baz