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  1. Hi - me again! I'm finding a weird bug with this. If I duplicate a product then set the duplicate as the carrot, it adds the original products_id to the free_gifts table instead of the new one, which means all the references to it don't work properly. any ideas?
  2. ahah! Thanks Hans. I just came looking here as I was having the same problem as many of you - the quantity box still appearing for carrots. I'd used the classes/shopping_cart.php that came with the package but it was missing the line 'carrot' => $products['products_carrot'], thanks!
  3. mistafeesh

    default to a payment method

    How embarrassing - I was just about to post the same question again - almost 2 years later - guess I never figured it!!
  4. mistafeesh

    auto resize images - occasionally adding borders

    Damn the inability to edit posts!! I've temporarily fixed it by adding -bordercolour white to the mogrify command. This only works while the bg is white (it may not be soon) I tried border 0x0 but it still left a slight border for some reason.
  5. Hi, I've installed the contrib 'auto resize images'. It works very well, but it randomly adds a 1px black border to some of the images. It changes the tep_image function to use mogrify in the includes/functions/http_output.php file. Here's the code: function tep_image($src, $alt = '', $width = '', $height = '', $parameters = '', $res = 1, $addattribs = 1){ if ((empty($src) || ($src == DIR_WS_IMAGES)) && (IMAGE_REQUIRED == 'false') || !is_file($src)) { return false; } if ( !strstr($width, '%') && $res) { $width = round($width); $height = round($height); preg_match("/.*\/(.*)\.(\w*)$/", $src, $fname); list($oiwidth, $oiheight, $oitype) = getimagesize($src); if (($width || $height) && ($height < $oiheight || $width < $oiwidth)) { if (!$height) $height = 1; if (!$width) $width = 1; $k = max($oiheight / $height, $oiwidth / $width); //use smallest size $width = round($oiwidth / $k); $height = round($oiheight / $k); // createthumb($filename, $width, $height, "test.jpg"); $filename_small = DIR_WS_RSIMAGES . $fname[1] . '_' . $width . '_' . $height . '.' . $fname[2]; if (!file_exists($filename_small)) { copy($src, $filename_small); exec(DIR_IMAGEMAGICK . "mogrify -geometry " . $width . " " . $filename_small); } $src = $filename_small; } } // alt is added to the img tag even if it is null to prevent browsers from outputting // the image filename as default $image = '<img src="' . tep_output_string($src) . '" border="0" alt="' . tep_output_string($alt) . '"'; if (tep_not_null($alt)) { $image .= ' title=" ' . tep_output_string($alt) . ' "'; } if ($addattribs && tep_not_null($width) && tep_not_null($height)) { $image .= ' width="' . tep_output_string($width) . '" height="' . tep_output_string($height) . '"'; } if (tep_not_null($parameters)) $image .= ' ' . $parameters; $image .= '>'; return $image; } Any ideas???
  6. mistafeesh

    Contribution: Category Descriptions

    I had the same problem, but then I found the following code: // copy image only if modified $products_image = new upload('products_image'); $products_image->set_destination(DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES); if ($products_image->parse() && $products_image->save()) { $products_image_name = $products_image->filename; } else { $products_image_name = (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image']) ? $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image'] : ''); which almost matched the replacing text, so I replaced that instead and it seems to work fine. (I'm posting in the middle of installing the contrib, otherwise I might not find the code again!! In future, it'd be really helpful for this contrib to have the entire files available in a zip file or something. then if we haven't modified them in any other way we can just drop in the new version. Thanks, Dan
  7. mistafeesh

    [CONTRIB] Options as Images for MS2

    Me again. Bit tricky this one.... Does anyone know if there's a way to set it so that when someone clicks on the product in their shopping cart and it goes back to the product, it displays which options they've ticked?
  8. mistafeesh

    [CONTRIB] Options as Images for MS2

    actually - don't worry about it! I ended up writing my own code to display the enlarged images! Cheers, Dan
  9. mistafeesh

    [CONTRIB] Options as Images for MS2

    Hi, I've installed this contribution really easily, and I like what I see....But for some reason the popup windows don't come up. I've got it checked in the admin,and when I click on an image it tries to do this: ...any ideas? I guess I've not done something right somewhere, but I can't figure out what!!
  10. mistafeesh

    default to a payment method

    Hi, I've just changed my payment modules around a bit (disabled one, sorted out some problems with it, then re-enabled it) and now I can't remember how to make it so that one of them is selected as default... Can anyone enlighten me please? thanks, Dan
  11. Hi, I want to write a really simple payment module for my osc site, as I've had a lot of trouble shoehorning other modules into doing what I want..... Is there any documentation available on this anywhere? I've looked, but I can't find it!! Dan
  12. mistafeesh

    payment mod with no CC checking

    Hi guys, I've been having trouble with the credit card script throwing up errors because it's not recognising people's credit cards. I use one (I can't remember exactly which module it was, unfortunately, as I set it up ages ago!) that takes the cvv number, as we need this to process payments. Is there a module available that takes the cvv number but doens't check the credit card number against possible card types? Or, failing that, has anyone an idea which code to edit to remove the checking facility?
  13. mistafeesh

    STS template oddity

    I'm using the "simple template system" On the site bikinmotion.co.uk the template doesn't seem to quite function correctly on product_info.php - the shopping cart moves downward on that page quite a lot. Also the header image moves about a bit on the other pages. I'm not so bothered about that, as I will probably move it at some point soon anyway. It's not a biggie, but if anyone can help I'd be grateful. Ta
  14. mistafeesh

    problem getting gpg credit module to work

    Hi. I gave up on it in the end, I'm afraid. Just couldn't get it to work. I spent well over a week on this one, and it totally did my brain in!!! I just built a simple front end page for my customer to see all the details of the orders, including the CC details, from the database on a secure server, and told them to go there when they've got an order. They click on a button to blank out the CC info from the database when they're done. It works well enough, and they're happy, but it would have been nice to have this mod working.
  15. mistafeesh

    Able2Buy contrib anywhere??

    oh well, t'was worth a try!!