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  1. Lawrence

    Problem with checkout_process.php

    Hi I'm installing the postfinance module right now. I need to send the refferer URL's to postfinance. Which address do I have to tell them for a successful payment, unsuccessful payment, and canceled payment? Thank you very much! Lawrence
  2. Hello everybody! Now, I have another problem: When I check out the weight is not calculated correctly. I sell a T-shirt. Weigth is 0.25kg. Here's what I put into all zones: 0:$0,0.05:$1,2:$6,5:$8,10:$11,20:$16,30:$23 That means if I put 1 shirt it should cost $6. But it costs only $1. Why is this? Only if I put 8 shirts into the cart, the cost is $6. What's wrong? Thanks a lot! Lawrence
  3. Sometimes it can be so easy! Thank you very much for your help! The problem is solved :D Best regards Lorenz
  4. Hi all I have a problem installing MZMT. A pictures says more than thousand words: Can somebody help me with these error messages? Thanks! Lorenz