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  1. Great THNX ! I couldn't find it, I already looked over it a couple of times :-" It works,.. and finnally I dare to continue deleting the original stuff and fill in the shop! :D :thumbsup: thanks, GT
  2. I read my own post and just to be shure I do not get the first solution I might have given based on the posts :blush: database_tables looks like this; define('TABLE_SPECIALS', 'oscommerce_specials'); excuse me for the multiple posts, GT
  3. Offcourse what I try to reach is the following: select.... from oscommerce_specials where ... instead of select.... from specials where ... GRTZ GT
  4. Hi, I just did an fresh basic install (with a prefix in the DB) and it works fine. After this I tried to install the SPPC by simply uploading the files and alter the DB (again with prefix offcourse). Now I get error msgs in my main page (index); It isn't able to locate the specials table... Offcourse not, because everything got a prefix, wich shouldn't be a problem as long as the database files are moderated with prefixes aswell... (?) I guess: I forgot to edit some file(s), or there is a direct link towards a the specials-table ??!?? The following error displays: 1146 - Table 'database_name.specials' doesn't exist select products_id, specials_new_products_price from specials where (products_id = '27' or products_id = '26' or products_id = '25' or products_id = '24' or products_id = '23' or products_id = '22' or products_id = '21' or products_id = '20' or products_id = '19' ) and status = '1' and customers_group_id = '0' I editted the following files for the prefix; admin/includes/database_tables.php includes/database_tables.php and offcourse the prefix (oscommerce_) is filled in the sppc_v41_install file; ALTER TABLE oscommerce_customers ADD customers_group_id smallint UNSIGNED NOT NULL default '0', ADD customers_group_ra enum('0','1') NOT NULL, ADD customers_payment_allowed varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', ADD customers_shipment_allowed varchar(255) NOT NULL default ''; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS oscommerce_products_groups; CREATE TABLE oscommerce_products_groups ( customers_group_id smallint UNSIGNED NOT NULL default '0', customers_group_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL default '0.0000', products_id int(11) NOT NULL default '0', PRIMARY KEY (customers_group_id, products_id) ); ALTER TABLE oscommerce_specials ADD customers_group_id smallint UNSIGNED NOT NULL default '0'; DROP TABLE IF EXISTS oscommerce_customers_groups; CREATE TABLE oscommerce_customers_groups ( customers_group_id smallint UNSIGNED NOT NULL, customers_group_name varchar(32) NOT NULL default '', customers_group_show_tax enum('1','0') NOT NULL, customers_group_tax_exempt enum('0','1') NOT NULL, group_payment_allowed varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', group_shipment_allowed varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', PRIMARY KEY (customers_group_id) ); INSERT INTO oscommerce_customers_groups VALUES('0','Retail','1','0','',''); ALTER TABLE oscommerce_address_book ADD entry_company_tax_id VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT NULL AFTER entry_company; Any1 any idea what I've done wrong?? Or where to fix this problem?? Thanks in advance!