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  1. advancedst

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    When i turn on web friendly urls i can not get to the products i have added. i can see them in admin but not when i go to the shop. Any ideas? Cheers, Phil
  2. advancedst

    Meta Tag Controller Support

    I want to use this contribution, looks very good, but i have one problem, when i turn on web friendly urls i can not get to any of my products on my site. Has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix it? Cheers, Phil :(
  3. advancedst

    PayPal help Please!!

    Hi I am having problems with the paypal module in OS Com. I noticed this solution but cant see to find the line in paypal.php that they are talking about. Please could someone tell me exactly where to insert to the code below in to paypal.php **Well, I think I found the solution in the PayPal Developer Support Forums: http://paypaldev.org/post.asp?method=Reply...743&FORUM_ID=10 Looks like the rm variable is the culprit. Once I set this to 2 by adding the following line to paypal.php (immediately after the line setting the return hidden field): tep_draw_hidden_field('rm', 2) . it worked!** Thanks in advance. Phil