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  1. Darkstar3D

    Help needed with stylesheet colours codes not amending

    Stylesheet.css is where all the frontend CSS is stored. Unless you are using a custom template, then only that designer knows where it is. It should be in the same place.
  2. Darkstar3D

    USPS Parcel Method off by $3.00

    Handling fee maybe?
  3. Darkstar3D

    Credit Card security

    Go to your admin, select payment modules, edit CC module, and you will see it.
  4. Darkstar3D

    Need help developing payment module

    My experience with processors is that they won't do a module coded for a particular piece of software. Most will give you examples of how to access their gateway with differing languages. If these guys do that, count yourself lucky. If they do the module, then they should be your friend for a long time!
  5. You need to code in checking to see if a product is in stock. In stock, do a sale, out of stock, do an authorization. Be warned that authorizations go stale after a few days, and some processors drop it all together after a week. What I normally do (new to OSC so not sure if this is possible or how yet). I always do authorizations, then a sale right before shipment. If the product is out of stock, I do the authorization, and remove it during the nightly batch. After the product comes in, I do a sale before shipment. As I stated, I am very new to OSC, and I was hoping this type of processing was already coded in. I use netone and didn't find a working netone module. Just coded a module and it is working, just need to add in all the functions I want. But, still trying to grapple with learning this beast! Good luck