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  1. hi...!!!! did you get suced on the 4 vendors?....I have the same problem, do u have idea?

  2. kwalker

    Contrib Installer

    I'm getting this error when installing the Contrib. File doesn't exist: /home/wifence/domains/xxxxxxxxxx.com/public_html/admin/includes/column_left.php <add2end> #1 Also, I've installed my store in the root folder, and called my admin folder /iadmin/, but the above error points to /admin/. It also shows another contrib I uploaded into the folder, but that error is still there for the Install Contrib, and there is no left bar navigations or such I must admit this too..... this is the 3rd time on 5 different servers, offline, and online I've tried this contrib, and it hasn't worked right out of the box. Too many errors received, and the manual lists files that aren't in the contrib. I've also installed many contribs, and some just didn't pan out, but this is the only contrib thast I've tried to install and just can't. There aught to be more than one person working on this contrib if this contrib is suppose to be the very 1st contrib a person should install on a fresh osCommerce store. All my stores were brand new,, and still, I've tried this version out.... thinking the bugs and kinks were worked out, yet, I'm still challenged with the fact that the Install Contrib isn't cutting the mustard right now.
  3. kwalker

    Contrib Installer

    Can I get some assistance on post no#385? Thanks
  4. kwalker

    Contrib Installer

    I just installed the CI v2.0 on a clean osCommerce, and when I initalize the installation the next screen shows the installed contrib (Contrib Installer) to the left, but it has an orange area to the right of it that says: File doesn't exist: /home/username/domains/thedomain.com/public_html/admin/includes/column_left.php <add2end> #1 The column_left.php file is in the /includes/ folder. Any suggestions as to what I can do to fix it? Thanks.
  5. Have you checked the Contributions section yet? Kevin
  6. kwalker

    Contrib Installer

    I meant to ask earlier.... Although the contrib isn't working but the store functions are, should I populate my database with products or should I wait until the contrib is running correctly? Kevin
  7. kwalker

    Contrib Installer

    Hello, I'd 1st like to tell you that this is a great contribution and I will be using it on all osc installs. I'm trying to use this contrib on a brand new osc install. I'm having problems installing this contrib, mainly because I'm not understanding the instructions fully. My 1st problem is with the install.txt file. It says: INSTALL INFO That part totally escapes me. The rest of that file looks managable. Also, in that file, you mention to upload to /admin/images/buttons/. There is no such directory. I somehow managed to change the files as the INSTALL.txt file directed and I uploaded to my server. When I go to: mysite.com/iadmin/contrib_installer.php I am greeted with this: When I goto my store admin>Configurations I can see the contrib installed, because it says: Contributions, but when I click on the link I'm greeted with: I believe that may be caused because I have no packages...? Once I get past this point, I'm sure creating the packages will be smooth. Although I'm still a newbie with XML, I understand enough of it by looking at the code... so that shouldn't be much of a problem. Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Kevin
  8. Thanks. I realized I did infact download the contrib, but I thought I saved the thread, but I probably didn't. After reading a few posts starting from the beginning thread, it mentions that you need to install it on a new osc. That's how I realized I was talking about that right contrib, but didn't know for sure. Now I have to understand how to package a contrib to use it. If I can get the hang of doing 1 or 2 of them, I'd package contribs constantly, considering it's a few minutes per contrib. Kevin
  9. I've read a post (not sure if I saved the page), but I forgot the name of the contrib that I read that once you have a clean install of the osc, it'll monitor all the contribs that you add to the osc, so that way it'll be easier to revert back to what you had before the contrib. I found the contrib called "Contrib Installer", but I don't think that's the one. Does anyone know the name of that contrib I'm talking about? Thank for your valued time. Kevin
  10. It sounds like you have products listed in more than one category. The way I would do it is make a copy of the database/store, strip all the duplicate items and make the catalog from that copy. Then all you would need to do when making your catalogs is just change what's needed in the "copy" database and make the catalogs from there. Basically you're making a duplicate shopping cart, but you're not adding the products to different categories. That'll work for me. Kevin
  11. How about this: Take your catalog, package it up in a zip file, and make a link to download the catalog. Also, the readme file says: Have you tried setting that part to the total amount of your products?.. I'm tinking that it'll download the whole catalog, than after the whole catalog is downloaded, it'll be ready to print page 2... Just a thought... and worth a try. Kevin
  12. If this doesn't help you out, do a search for that contrib name in the "Contributions" section and look for their support thread. There is no info of in in the docs: Taken from the "Contribution" page This will allow your clients to print a catalog from your site that will have: image, category, name, model, upc(if you have add-on), weight, quantity, and price with a currency selection pull down for customer convenience. You can set the number of products listed before your page break kicks in. You can sort by category, name, model, upc, weight, quantity, and price. All fields will be turned on or off by the admin section: admin->configuration->Product Listing Turning to 0 will make sure the column for that heading does not show up. Turning to greater than 1 will make it so the column for that heading does show up. You can also set the number of products that are displayed per page break look at line 243 in the catalog/catalog_products_with_images.php and adjust as needed. Kevin
  13. kwalker

    product_date_end ?

    I believe the store can do that right now, or close to it. Check out the Knowledge Base on this site. If there is something different you'd like to do that isn't already part of the store, there are plenty contribs here that will do almost anything you'd want your store to do. Kevin
  14. kwalker

    Shipping Modules not showing up

    When you re-uploaded in ascii, did you 1st delete the files that were there or you uploaded over it? It's best to delete 1st. Kevin