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  1. I can help you if you set limit for buyers which choose COD (because I use COS with limit). You would be able to set shipping cost for COD and Money Order separately. If you have no amount restriction I can't help you. Kind regards, Raul
  2. Yes, of course it's bit offtopic. Thanks for pointing Job Scheduler, but "Recover Order Toll" would be better. I won't mention it here (I don't want to go offtopic). Kind regards, Raul
  3. When I look on the Recover Cart I think I would love a contribution (shouldn't be very hard to hack) which will check all orders and manually (or autmatically) send the reminder for clients who didn't pay for it (I have money order and bank transfer as payment options so it happens ppl "forget" to pay). I'm curious if anybody would be interested in that kind of report and "reminder" tool. Kind regards, Raul
  4. This version shows everything, with products and prices. Thank you :) Kind regards, Raul PS.I don't see any preformance issues.
  5. OSC MS 2.2 , default language polish (I changed the translation from 1.01 to use new defined text). I used the recover sales tool 1.01. After upgrading there is all info except product names and prices and total value in the cart. When I copied the recover_cart_sales.php from earlier version everything is ok (but of corse not Base Day as it's not in language file). Yes, all this is in place. Kind regards, Raul
  6. I've just installed v. 1.3 over the 1.01 and I don't have products names nor prices. Kind regards, Raul
  7. Hmmm, I thought I removed all refreneces to UNSOLD_CARTS in this code. No, I meant that in Unsold Carts the filename and database definition are added to filename and database .php files. I've added this definitions (odf Recover Carts) to this files not to aplication_top.php as it was mentioned in the readme. I think it's a better choice. Kind regards, Raul
  8. Sorry for troubles, it's working now. I added it once again , and it works. And, it's really great tool. Big thanks to those who made it as it's now :) Kind regards, Raul
  9. The other contribution works perfectly. @_@ I will try to add the this contribution once again. Kind regards, Raul PS. Why in the Unsold carts the filename: define('FILENAME_STATS_UNSOLD_CARTS', 'stats_unsold_carts.php'); you need to add definition into /admin/includes/filenames.php and in the Recover carts filename goes into /admin/includes/application_top.php ?
  10. 1. I will try the other contribution. 2. No, everything looks ok, except that it doesn't work. After "executing" search nothing is found. Thanks. Kind regards, Raul
  11. I did it , and there is nothing. I used my account and I added one product to the cart and I have left the shop after choosing payment option. Kind regards, Raul PS. Thanks for sugestion.
  12. I haven't send any e-mail yet because I don't see any cart. I did write the name of the table in the application_top.php. I checked the customer cart table and there are carts (but no final price) and date. My shop is MS2. Only polish languge and the date format is changed to d m Y. Maybe that's the problem? Kind regards, Raul
  13. I think I've installed this contribution as it should have been installed but when I search for "abadoned carts" I have: Examined Records: 0 Sales: 0 And it doesn't matter how much days I check. I know there is my test abadoned cart and it's not showing. The scart database is empty. (Just as it was when it was added). Could anyone help me? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Raul