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  1. sctsang

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Hi Jim, Thank your for your prompt reply. As far as I know, those additional images addons require you to upload new images every time you add new product. What I want is that the admin. can select any combination of a set of predefined symbols for any product created. Regards, Mr. Tsang
  2. sctsang

    [Development] Products Specifications

    Hi Jim, Thank you for your great contributions. After reading almost all replies, I'm not sure if your add-on suits our need. I'd like to select and add a number of icons to product. Those icons are some safety standard symbols as seen on, say consumer electronics and electronic parts. Have been searching for suitable module but still couldn't find the right one. Please help. Thank you. Regards, Mr. Tsang
  3. Thank you for your prompt reply. I've just learnt from an online article that the only real way to defend against all malicious code injection attacks is to validate every input from every user and the correct way to validate input is to start with a whitelist. So we'd definitely install your contribution on every osCommerce web site that we develop.
  4. Thank you for your great contribution. Our osComerce default language is Traditional Chinese, hence, we have to exclude advanced_search.php & advanced_search_result.php so that the search box works. Can hackers inject malicious codes via the search box? If so, do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  5. sctsang


    Instead of setting $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['nooffsitelink_enabled'] to false, better add the domain names in the array as follows: $PHPTHUMB_CONFIG['nooffsitelink_valid_domains'] = array(@$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'],'www.domain1.com','www.domain2.com');
  6. sctsang

    how to install templates

    Could you please send this pdf file to me as well at sc_tsang@yahoo.com? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi All, Forget about my post regarding the advanced search "back" button issue. Problem solved. Regards, SC
  8. Hi Renix, Could you post your .htaccess file? Your web site's advanced search works fine. I got some problem for the "back" button. Thank you. Regards, SC
  9. Hi Renix, Nice web site. Seems that you have corrected the problem. Could you post your solutions? Btw, your site would be even better if the default button images got change. Try the css buttons contribution (demo:shop.toyshk.com/catalog). The buttons match your web design. I learned the css buttion from part of the contribution (http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=171671&st=100entry796455). As it's outside the topic, please go to the "Basic Design Pack forum" or PM me if you need more direct answer. To further improve the web site layout, I bought a template from eBay and modify it. Painful and time-consuming experience to build the web site (www.walitoys.com), still improving. Regards, SC
  10. Hi there, Thanks so much for Chemo's contribution. I have no problem with the installation. However, when I test the pages, I encounter the following problem. In Advanced Search, when there is no product that matches the search criteria, clicking "Back" button returns "no page found". E.g. Search for "ABC" in advanced search. Search result shows URL /catalog/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=ABC&categories_id=&inc_subcat=1&dfrom=mm%2Fdd%2Fyyyy&dto=mm%2Fdd%2Fyyyy&x=14&y=8 After clicking "Back" button, URL returns /catalog/advanced_search.php/keywords/ABC/inc_subcat/1/dfrom/mm%2Fdd%2Fyyyy/dto/mm%2Fdd%2Fyyyy I have to disable SEO URLs for the time being to make the "back" button works. I guess it's due to mm%2Fdd%2Fyyyy/dto/mm%2Fdd%2Fyyyy but I don't know how to set the RewriteRule. Still trying, please help! Regards, SC
  11. sctsang

    Bypass Shipping

    Fredrik, Thank you for your contribution. Considering your concept, I can now go directly to the confirmation page. </table></form> <!-- auto submit form starts --> <script language="javascript"> document.checkout_payment.submit(); </script> <!-- auto submit form ends --> -SC
  12. sctsang

    Bypass Shipping

    Hi, Thank you for your contribution. Just wonder if we can bypass checkout_payment.php as well. I've tried to modified some codes of checkout_confirmation.php but it didn't work. I want to go to checkout_confirmation.php page directly but it is redirected to checkout_shipping.php. Thanks so much. -SC
  13. sctsang

    Wholesale Basket Inquiry

    Hi, I'm also looking for a product inquiry system. Visitors can add/delete products in the inquiry cart and no payment and shipping information are needed. SC
  14. sctsang

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Thanks for your great contribution. I have installed it (version 1.5) successfully except that every Category Count Number starts from a new line. I changed the categories.php file as follows: if (tep_has_category_subcategories($counter)) { $categories_string .= ''; } // $categories_string .= '</a>'; $categories_string .= " "; if (SHOW_COUNTS == 'true') { $products_in_category = tep_count_products_in_category($counter); if ($products_in_category > 0) { $categories_string .= '(' . $products_in_category . ')'; } } $categories_string .= '</a>'; // $categories_string .= '<br>'; $categories_string .= '</div>';
  15. sctsang

    Contrib Installer

    Hi, I got the same problems as daved. I have a new installation of osCommerce. MySQL version 4.1.15-standard-log PHP version 4.4.1 Regards, sctsang