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    When you say "store feed" - You are speaking of Froogle/Bizrate/Yahoo feed's.. Correct!? If so, then the benefits of using a Feed like this, CAN be very good and worthwhile for your site. It really depends on what you are selling though. Take for instance on my site, we did submit a feed to Froogle. But it really did nothing for us. As my site provides a service, rather than a product. Now, on the other hand, I have a client who sells pet food. His site is doing exceptionally well on Froogle, and is using the Froogle Feed to automate the process. Either way, gaining any type of extra linking towards your site, and it's products, is always good! Hope this helps!
  2. dlavache

    Featured Products - Change Colour Of Prices

    Mark, There is a few ways to achieve this. The first, is through your CSS. Check in there (most likey "infobox"). I'm not sure, but the contribution you've installed may have added a CSS style. So check for that as well. I think you are using this mod: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...atured+products Please verify this, and perhaps I can fully answer your question. Dan
  3. dlavache

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I'm working with the latest release of STS - and am having troubles integrating it with Additional Product Images (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1032) What I have found is that I can not call the product info in order to sort/display my images. When using the following: (int)$HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'] I get an output statement of "0". Which is creating all of the errors. Basically, the Additional Images mod - can't find it's images - because it thinks the product_id is zero. Is there any work around for calling the products_id on demand? Thanks!
  4. dlavache


    What does it say on line 20 in that supplier_area.php file?
  5. I've been mod'ing out further - this contribution. So far I have taken the basic install, and added a "printer friendly" addition to it, which puts ALL of the products in a new window, and is very stripped down and basic. I'd like to take this a step further. And give the ability to change certain area's of the listings. Not only on the standard "all prods" page. But on the "printer friendly" page as well. Either both, or just one. So, on my all products page - I'm taking the Product Name, and swapping it for the Product Description. WOW - that's hard to do. I'm currently working away at it. Have installed the two contributions that are supposed to help get the product description on just the standard products page. But no success just yet. This one is getting tricky... Anyone want to help!? I'm definitley giving this one to the community (and the awesome people who made the All Products mod). As the osCommerce community has been most helpful! And even taught me php in the process. Thanks!
  6. I'm using the Estimated_shipping mod. And I've got my shipping showing up in the cart now. I am now trying to add to it - and show the customers not only the cart price & the shipping price. BUT also the COMBINED price of the product and the shipping. So, if item A. cost 10.99 and the shipping is 3.00 - there should be a price (below the cart) that say's "Total w/shipping: $13.99". Here's the code that calls the shipping price in estimated_shipping_functions.php: $return .= '<td class="smallText" width="20%" align="right">' . $currencies->format(tep_add_tax($quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['cost'], $quotes[$i]['tax'])) . tep_draw_hidden_field('shipping', $quotes[$i]['id'] . '_' . $quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['id']) . '</td></tr>'; And here's what I've got for calling the combined price of the estimated_shipping and the cart. Notice it only is set to return the $cart value. As I am very much unsure as how to combine the cart and the shipping: $return .= 'Total including shopping cart: ' . $cart->total; Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)
  7. dlavache

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi, I've searched through a good 30 of the 70+ pages here. With no luck. Froogle feeder is up and running. And it creates my feed. But when it goes to FTP - it waits a good 90 seconds, and then fails to connect. I've double checked and triple checked my account settings. If I use an ftp client to connect, I have no problems. (verifying my settings are the right one's) The froogle.php settings match up. So you can imagine I'm really confused at this point. The site is being hosted via Godaddy. I've contacted them to see if they have any limitations on my account. None reported... Any help would be amazingly appreciated... Thanks!
  8. I am right there with you... It's like a needle in a haystack! I've got this thing setup already - and it does NOTHING. I can enter my credit card into it - but after that it dies. With no errors to present either.. Anyway, if you find a thread - please let me know...
  9. dlavache

    [Contribution] FCKosc 2.2 Support

    I've got the same image problems as quite a few people who have posted here. The editor works great, until you try and ad an image. I get NO errors, but can not upload an image. It simply waits and waits and nothing happens. I have my persmissions set correctly (I think) - I basically just chmod all of FCK editor and made it all 777. I'm thinking this SHOULD make all of the files contained within the install folder WRITEABLE. Am I missing something here? Please help... I'm lost.
  10. dlavache

    Products Extra Fields error

    I figured it out about 30 minutes later. And to give back to the community, here is what went wrong (please ad to this post and help me clarify): When I origionally updated my database using the following code: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_extra_fields; CREATE TABLE products_extra_fields ( products_extra_fields_id int NOT NULL auto_increment, products_extra_fields_name varchar(64) NOT NULL default '', products_extra_fields_order int(3) NOT NULL default '0', products_extra_fields_status tinyint(1) NOT NULL default '0', PRIMARY KEY (products_extra_fields_id) ); DROP TABLE IF EXISTS products_to_products_extra_fields; CREATE TABLE products_to_products_extra_fields ( products_id int NOT NULL, products_extra_fields_id int NOT NULL, products_extra_fields_value varchar(64), PRIMARY KEY (products_id,products_extra_fields_id) ); ALTER TABLE `products_extra_fields` ADD `languages_id` INT( 11 ) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL ; This DID create the field "products_extra_fields" But, there was an error - and instead of adding the field_id field_name, field_order, field_status - as requested. It somehow skipped "order" & "status". All I had to do was delete the field (using phpmyadmin) and run the code again. Solved. I know this is vague. I am not a very experienced programmer. If somebody could please help me clarify, because this explanation could be much easier. Hope this helps! It worked for me.
  11. After very carefully installing the Products Extra Fields contribution, I receive this error: 1054 - Unknown column 'products_extra_fields_order' in 'order clause' Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!