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    Terms of Use.

    I agree ... Ignoring other carts possibilities/solutions/features/ etc would be a mistake .. I am Totally aware of the fact most of them are kind of forks of oSC in different ways... But still - some of them show nice features which IMHO can easily be adopted into Phoenix as "Certified Addons". ... But it might be good to discuss
  2. Suggestion ... Cleanup Cart for inactive products (staus=0) at login.php
  3. I think/presume @Demitry tries to implement the modules into a bought template and uses the template page as a start skeleton and then wants to call the modules one-by-one in the template. I made this mistake myself in the past .. Did not understand you have to take eg checkout_success.php as the start skeleton and then move the different bits of the (bought) template into modules template file ...
  4. Clean enough! Make it Modular?
  5. You could try this: Note the !important and change 4.5rem to your needs
  6. @burt Thought it was wise to mention you because this might be imporant for Phoenix
  7. A good PSP probably offers better rates than you can get as a small shop. I have never seen monthly rates for a PSP.
  8. I would be thinking the PSP (Payment Service Provider) will accomodate these changes. Our PSP offers lots of different Payment gateways (kind of every Payment you can think off - from AMEX to Apple Pay) and the payment is allways processed on their site. We hook in their software (API) and they process the payment. We only render an order number and amount (checkout_confirmation.php) and then the customer is redirected to the PSP through checkout_process.php - If succesfull payment is done then the customer gets redirected to our site to checkout_succes.php In the past we also have been doing the payment processing ourselves - but allready 5 years back we concluded it is much safer and even cheaper to make use of a good PSP. This is a piece of Blog post of our PSP I hope this helps - Regards!
  9. azpro

    Jssor Slider

    and possibly drives the website visitor nuts .. be careful!
  10. azpro

    iDeal via ideal-checkout

    Ik denk het ook maar mogelijk zijn er (kleine) verschillen met zowel oSC BS als meest actuele PHP - Mollie API die als basis geldt: https://github.com/mollie/mollie-api-php In ieder geval zegt Mollie op Git voor de oSC module "Deze module wordt niet meer onderhouden, ook kan er geen ondersteuning meer worden geboden indien de module niet juist werkt. Onze excuses voor het ongemak." Wij hebben hem probleemloos draaien - maar wel aangepast naar eigen specifieke behoefte. @frankl .. Ik wist niet dat jij nl bent 😉
  11. azpro

    iDeal via ideal-checkout

    Beste René, iDEAL integreren is nooit simpel - maar ik zou eens kijken naar Mollie. Als PSP prima en ze hebben een prima API. Op hun Git is (wat oudere) oSC implementatie te vinden: https://github.com/mollie/osCommerce Succes!
  12. My point of view based on limited research! So happy to take (documented) feedback in this matter ... I have stated before - this all crumbles down to common sense. If I take a look at the big players in the Netherlands they did not really change anything major. Some smaller adjustments to Privacy statements but that's about it ... Re-marketing maybe even stronger than before! Using YouTube for video's - Engange through Facebook etc. ... And none of the Big players even bother to give a warning message what-so-ever .. Indeed only the known "By using our site, ... you have read and understand " ... Even consent for the Privacy Statement or T&C is not explicitely asked. There will always be a small group (privacy-activists?) that will question the law - but I doubt they will ever really challenge. My approach up till now: Implemented @burt modules - off course signed some papers of contractors like Server provider - shipping company etc. - Looked at who uses / has access to our data. But that's about it ... Business as usual.
  13. Good work Henry! Keep on going - and especially - finish your work so it won't be half-done Have send you a small encouragement donation and would like to call on others to make a donation ... Remember Open Source is free but not for nothing!
  14. Quick and dirty fix because I did not look at the code here discussed - But probably you just need a clearfix div to separate button and roll-menu. So put before your roll-menu: <div class="clearfix"></div>
  15. @raiwa @John W I was thinking about this. To me it seems this doesn't need Structered Data since the content / products of recently viewed is only visible for the website customer/visitor. Google or whatever bot should / could not "see" it ... Am I right? Thoughts?
  16. Couldn't that be invoked in an update function in the proposed cookie class? Everytime a new module with getCookieStuff is installed it could do a ONE-TIME check and then update database INSTALLED ... I think i is worth the effort since speed is essential
  17. PHP Version 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.24 Off course ... did not think of that! The opt-out build in cookieconsent3 - if you set Compliance type to "type": "opt-out" See https://cookieconsent.insites.com/documentation/disabling-cookies/
  18. @tgely Another thing ... the cookie of Cookieconsent https://cookieconsent.insites.com/download/ which is cookieconsent_status I want to set as strict ... but the code now only differs between Functional and Strict ... I would say this cookie must allways be set by a website visitor (deny/dismiss/allow) but he should not be able to delete - so it must be strict (??). Furthermore I would like to add the OPT-OUT function ... but I don't understand how to implement. That is to say .. the way it should be handled depends on the full functionality of you app.
  19. @tgely @wHiTeHaT Better aproach in my opinion! I don't like to extend / change the osc_template.php .... I would really prefer a separate Cookie class
  20. For var $_expiration = 365*24*60*60; I had to change it to below - otherwise cookie lifetime is not properly set: var $_expiration = 31536000; //365*24*60*60; // one year The cookie oscConsent is set as [\"True|ht_grid_list_view\"] If I read out cookie in Firefox - privacy it reads content as %5B%22True%7Cht_grid_list_view%22%5D Is that okay or is it a mixup of json_encode ?
  21. @tgely I have got it working - but in classes/osc_template.php line 23 gives an error: var $_expiration = 365*24*60*60; probably should be : var $_expiration = '365*24*60*60'; Did not yet test fully .. but I have the feeling there is a slowdown in pageload. Even when footer module cm_cookie_consent is DISABLED ... Is that possible? Furthermore ... For consistency reasons .. Wouldn't it be better to have a separate class file for the cookie adjustments now done in osc_template.php ?
  22. Really?? It is all blowing my mind this GDPR