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  1. @raiwa @John W I was thinking about this. To me it seems this doesn't need Structered Data since the content / products of recently viewed is only visible for the website customer/visitor. Google or whatever bot should / could not "see" it ... Am I right? Thoughts?
  2. Couldn't that be invoked in an update function in the proposed cookie class? Everytime a new module with getCookieStuff is installed it could do a ONE-TIME check and then update database INSTALLED ... I think i is worth the effort since speed is essential
  3. PHP Version 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.24 Off course ... did not think of that! The opt-out build in cookieconsent3 - if you set Compliance type to "type": "opt-out" See https://cookieconsent.insites.com/documentation/disabling-cookies/
  4. @tgely Another thing ... the cookie of Cookieconsent https://cookieconsent.insites.com/download/ which is cookieconsent_status I want to set as strict ... but the code now only differs between Functional and Strict ... I would say this cookie must allways be set by a website visitor (deny/dismiss/allow) but he should not be able to delete - so it must be strict (??). Furthermore I would like to add the OPT-OUT function ... but I don't understand how to implement. That is to say .. the way it should be handled depends on the full functionality of you app.
  5. @tgely @wHiTeHaT Better aproach in my opinion! I don't like to extend / change the osc_template.php .... I would really prefer a separate Cookie class
  6. For var $_expiration = 365*24*60*60; I had to change it to below - otherwise cookie lifetime is not properly set: var $_expiration = 31536000; //365*24*60*60; // one year The cookie oscConsent is set as [\"True|ht_grid_list_view\"] If I read out cookie in Firefox - privacy it reads content as %5B%22True%7Cht_grid_list_view%22%5D Is that okay or is it a mixup of json_encode ?
  7. @tgely I have got it working - but in classes/osc_template.php line 23 gives an error: var $_expiration = 365*24*60*60; probably should be : var $_expiration = '365*24*60*60'; Did not yet test fully .. but I have the feeling there is a slowdown in pageload. Even when footer module cm_cookie_consent is DISABLED ... Is that possible? Furthermore ... For consistency reasons .. Wouldn't it be better to have a separate class file for the cookie adjustments now done in osc_template.php ?
  8. Really?? It is all blowing my mind this GDPR
  9. Thanks! I will give it a try .. But I think it needs wrapping up in a complete addon with documentation .... Maybe @frankl could help here.
  10. Don't think so .. I am using it but it is not included as far as I know .. . see https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/tree/master/includes/modules/header_tags
  11. ?? ... Could you explain a bit more? ... Do you mean activate popup by clicking some text like "read about cookie - click here" ?? Is it not (longer) neccessary to show the cookie message to the customer when entering the site? Maybe you can post an image?
  12. I support you @wHiTeHaT In fact .. I support each and every one of the happy coders / devs ... as long as we progress! But we need to find a modus to keep coding without bashing eachother .. Have a Git where all new ideas / developments can be watched - but all of us also need to be open for feedback ... positive and negative .. Sometimes a development is just a jump too far ... or is not needed in the core and should be further developed as an App.... And sometimes development is too abstract without further documentation so a vast number of people don't understand why it is needed. Sometimes a development is great and should be core ... or better .. the core needs just one line (eg hooks) to facillitate this new App / development. It can all happen and we should accept the (groups ??? ) decission.
  13. Zahid - you are totally right but this has been discussed over and over again ... @Harald Ponce de Leon probably has his reasons not to make BS official - we just don't know because Harald doe not talk back. So ... we must move on!