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  1. @@Jack_mcs I have seen also substantial subscribers with questionable ip's and mailadresses coming in the last days / weeks. I do use action-recorder but "they" seem to differ ip's and mailadresses all the time. So that does not keep them of... For now I have decided to stop sending the newsletter automatically after subscription. Especially because I received some bounced spam mails at my postmaster@ adress. Which made me wonder whether these bots are able to abuse php mailer class. I need to dig in deeper... Adding Capatcha should help - but I think it is putting of real subscribers. So my solution will probably be to manually evaluate and relaese subscribers in admin and then send latest newsletter. Using services like Mailchimp might also be a solution because they use techniques to filter spammers adresses .... Alltogether I am hoping to see more straightforward solutions here! Thanks in advance!
  2. @@Dan Cole yep! That could be a start .. and could be combined with product prices ????
  3. @@frankl The hint was based on just a personal preference ... But off course there is a lot to think of. I have categories with almost 1000 products so this can be tricky. But the principle of Lazy loading is IMHO good. Found this article - seems interesting - and is stating in favour of your approach: And about infinite scrolling: Here is the link: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2016/03/pagination-infinite-scrolling-load-more-buttons/ Cheers! Arjan
  4. @@frankl Especially mobile users like lazy loading ... but really do not like the button. You can use the viewport / scrolling to load more products. Just a thought! I am sure I have seen several jquery / bootstrap solutions in the past .. can't find them now. Like to see your final result!
  5. @@aurelou Looks good! :thumbsup:
  6. @@Dj-Viper Hi Anne, In stead of Try Regards!
  7. @@ecommunlimited @@MrPhil Thanks for the hints! I will test it tonight and will give feedback - hence ask for further directions.. That was indeed very vague :D .. It was allready very late in the night .... The SSL move took longer than I expected but so far so good! All important redirects work as far as I can see. But it took a fair amount of time to get rid of some smaller issues (EG embedded video - make the right changes in Google Search Console - Redirects of Payment Service Provider - Some sloppy programming issues from years ago - etc.etc) ... So for those of you who want to migrate to SSL .. do not under-estimate the amaount of work involved. Thanks again! Arjan
  8. @@greasemonkey @@MrPhil I have an old testing area xyz.domain.com that needs to be redirected to https - but i can not figure out how to do it. Rest of redirects to https are working okay. http://xyz.domain.com needs to redirect to https://www.domain.com - I came up with RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^xyz\. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.domain.com/$1 [R=301,L] Obviously this is not wotking - Any thoughts? Thanks! Arjan
  9. HTML emails?

    @@Gergely @@CGhoST Look at this part ... They give a path to missing files. <b>Warning</b>: include(includes/modules/pages/templates/email_create_acco= unt_text.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in <b>z:\includes\modules\pages\tp_email_create_account.php</b> = on line <b>38</b> <b>Warning</b>: include(): Failed opening 'includes/modules/pages/template= s/email_create_account_text.php' for inclusion (include_path=3D'.;z:\php\includes') in <b>z:\includes\modules\pages\tp= _email_create_account.php</b> on line <b>38</b>
  10. osCommerce Online Merchant v2.4.0 Joli Beta

    @@Harald Ponce de Leon Thank you Harald for all your time and effort! And especially for your smart Apps approach! Regards, Arjan
  11. @@burt Yes :) - Could be of great use. I think @@wHiTeHaT allready backported V3.0 product class ... Can not find it right now ...
  12. @@frankl IMHO much better solution! Thanks! Arjan
  13. Addons

    Hi All! As we all know .. the simple well-coded add-ons Gary @@burt makes are worth lots-and-lots more than £3.50! Even if you don't use them - they are great learning stuff for coding standards. So I strongly ask - especially shopowners who benefit from Gary's oSC BS work (like I do) - to step up and pledge at least 10-folds of £3.50. Move the project Forward and spend a few dollars/pounds/euros! Regards, Arjan
  14. @@Gergely Thanks! So the "relative" is especially applicable to the images? Because if I do put in template_top.php I cannot seem to find any differences with your file and putting in the head the manual css and jquery and bootstrap js links- links.
  15. @@Gergely Hi! All working perfectly .. Thanks for great solution to finally get rid of old/poorly inedexed url's. But I am still confused by your http_error.php file in the package since it misses css references. Off course I have read in the install files FAQ .. you say: Could you explain some more about RELATIVE and how to put in safely <link href="ext/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"> (hardcode path) ?? And maybe a "safe" example of putting in at least the logo?? Thanks! Arjan