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    login for price

    I have an odd problem with this contribution I'm hoping someone will be able to help me with. The site was working just fine and then I added the Login for price contrib with not a problem. This one: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/601 However, my client wanted me to remove the login restriction and when I did, found that items with attributes/options wont add to the shopping cart, while other items add just fine. Does anyone have any idea what is going on and what I can do to get this site working again? My client really wants me to revert the site asap.
  2. I have a question about customizing EP. What do I have to do to add columns to my EP spreadsheet? For example, I have added a contribution for featured products. I would like to be able to include the featured value of a product when I DL my EP file, but that is obviously something EP does not currently do. What is the code that I have to work with to customize?
  3. php 4.4.7 globals on mysql client api version 5 Linux server I had EP version 2.6 installed and then I replaced the easypopulate.php file with the v2.4 instead. Could that be part of the problem? I would be so happy for some insight to this. :-"
  4. Curious if I can get some help on this: I have a large amount of products with massive attributes so I split my EP file. However, when I try to upload the split file this is what I get: File uploaded. Temporary filename: /tmp/phpHUIEpD User filename: EP_Split1.txt Size: 1214371 No products added. I've opened up the file in xl and it looks ok to me. I'm using EPv2.4 because I have Ultrapics installed and it's got support for that contrib. Any idea as to why this is happening and what I can do about it?
  5. I'm about to do a major reinstallation of a site from scratch. Haven't worked with OSC for about a year and I was wondering if there were some new contributions that I should know about, or what peoples experience with different contributions has been. These are some of the features I need to have in the new site and I would be greatful if anyone has an opinion on the best contributions to use to get the desired result: Featured Products Extra Images Infoboxes with image borders Thanks a lot for your help.
  6. jackrabbit

    [Contribution] Define Content 1.x Support

    Thank you. Damn I love this contibution.
  7. jackrabbit

    [Contribution] Define Content 1.x Support

    Love this contrib. But, I can't insert a new area to edit. =>I add a new area by clicking the insert button in the manage area box. =>I add the name of the new area and hit insert. =>The new area does not show up on the main list, but it does show up in the drop down menu of the "manage area" box. =>I actually took a look at the database and the new entry is there in one of the tables. What can I do to have the new area show up in the main list so I can edit it?
  8. No, really, I do need to know about this. If anyone out there uses this contibution and has an idea of how to deal with this I really would apprecitate a little sharing of the love...
  9. This seems like a funny question, but is there an easy way that I can delete the existing thumb/enlarged images? I don't see how to do that. Feel like a fool for asking what seems like it should be an obvious question.
  10. jackrabbit

    Easy Populate not working right.

    There is an easy populate support thread that you should both search and request solutions on. More than likely you will be ignored otherwise.
  11. Use one of the earlier versions of EP. V3.0 is crap. The author of it himself requests folks to ignore it. 2.74 or 2.76 works fine.
  12. jackrabbit

    SMF Forum integration to Oscommerce

    I agree 100%. It would be really nice to see some more integration with this, but it seems, like so many other great contibs on this site, that it's hit a brick wall. Still, I'm happy to have it working on my site. Let's hope someone with skills picks this one up and runs with it. Have you posted your suggestions on the Joomla/Civic Space/Drupal boards?
  13. jackrabbit

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    I adore this contibution, I really do, and I have said so in earlier posts. However, I would like to concur with Edgar in that having the price be associated with an attribute template would be nice (that there are attribute templates is freaking awsome in itself!) Also if there was some way to have the field for downloads show up when appropriate that would be wonderful. I find it unbearable to have to add each downloadable file through the cumbersome attributes interface in the admin and have not been able to find a contribution that works that manages downloads with the elegance of this AJAX contribution. Thanks for this.
  14. Well, this much at least I can answer for you. You add the images in your product listing pages in the admin. You can also bulk upload them using the appropriate EasyPopulate I believe is included in the contribution.
  15. jackrabbit


    I do have a couple questions about this contribution. I am having a problem with the shipping price. It seems like I can only have the gift certificates cost no money for DL if I actually add the DL attribute to them and then have a mock item to be downloaded. It's not that big a deal, but it means that at checkout there is an odd message that says "you can now download your gift certificate". Just seems like it would be confusing. I'm also assuming that is not the way this was designed to work either. Also I would like to be able to show the remaining balance for vouchers. What is the code that I would have to insert to show that? Thank you very much for your help. be well. ;-j
  16. jackrabbit


    I just want to thank you Rhea. It might sound silly, but I haven't even installed this contib. :blink: When I opened the archive and saw a user guide I thought to myself, "omg" how many contibutions have I installed and not known how to use properly! So thoughtful. But then I think it is also really stand up of you to have put together this module because the original thread of it was beginning to get all corrupted. It looks like this is exactly what is going on with Easy Populate. It looks like a really essential addition to OSC is turning to mush. Thanks so much for having the generosity to work on this.
  17. jackrabbit

    SMF Forum integration to Oscommerce

    Another problem I was having with this contribution was that the links in the actual forum were all going to the wrong place. That issue was resolved by editing this line: $scripturl = '../../forum.php'; in the Sources/QueryString.php file. I hope this helps.
  18. jackrabbit

    SMF Forum integration to Oscommerce

    Hey folks, In case there is anyone out there who wants to use this contribution, you will need to modify the styles of the smf stylesheet so that the look of your site is consistent. To do that edit the stylesheet in Themes/default/style.css in whatever the forum folder is that you are working with. If you don't do this the forum's style will override the styles you have for your main site. I hope that helps someone!
  19. Uh oh. This looks like a dead thread, but I'm going to put this question out there anyway in the hopes that someone will respond. When I have added multiple pics to a product and then go back to edit them individually through the admin web interface the form fields are not populating with the image names. They are all blank fields and as such require that all the fields be repopulated by hand. Is this a mistake I have made through mis-installation? Or is this an unfortunate feature of an otherwise quite useful contribution? Thanks. ;-j
  20. Tony, usually that error is because you have single quotes in your product descriptions (') try escaping them like this \' and upload again. It should work fine.
  21. jackrabbit

    Customers extra fields

    Is there anyone on this support thread that actually knows anything about this contribution? I haven't seen a working solution posted in more than 3 months!
  22. Have you tried sending the file to the temp folder on your server and then downloading it?
  23. jackrabbit

    SMF Forum integration to Oscommerce

    Is there anyone who has any ideas about this? I have been playing around with filepaths where I can find them to see if I can cobble a soultion together, but it hasn't been working at all.
  24. jackrabbit

    SMF Forum integration to Oscommerce

    It's me again... Well, I figured out what was going on with my header navigation. I had to add some styles specific to the header itself and it worked out. Now I have a much bigger problem that should be easy to solve, I just don't know where to start. The problem is that none of my links work because they are defaulting to the top level of my site where the forum is actually installed in a subfolder. When I installed SMF I installed it into the root folder then moved it into the subfolder that contains my installation of OSC. Once I did that I used repair_settings.php (a smf tool) which seemed to work, but I guess not because none of my links work. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Here's the offending page: http://www.cut-it-up.com/test_shop/forum.php
  25. jackrabbit

    SMF Forum integration to Oscommerce

    Actually another problem is that somehow the style of the header navigation has somehow been affected. Any idea of why that happened or what can be done about it?