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  1. gvees

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    Hi! First off, thanks for the great contrib! I tried this one before in an old shop and got it to work perfectly. Now I've build a new shop and can't get the download link to show in my account history... I've tried anything I could think of.. Can you help me out? What am I missing? I've reran the installation and still it doesn't work. It looks like I'm missing something.. I can make file groups and add files to it without any problem, so that shouldn't be it. I just can't get the download link to appear.. :( edit never mind.. thought I'd add an option to the product (media type - mp3) and now it works.. Yay! :)
  2. gvees

    Basic Design Pack Support

    So our webshop is finally online and working as a charm..! Looking sweet to thanks to your pack, toyicebear! Thanks a lot for it!! I have one question though.. I want the category counts to be on the same line as the category it belongs to. It now is a line below it. I've taken a look into the code already but can't figure out what's wrong. There are no 'br'-s in the code on the place where, at least I think, it defines the category count.. Any help would be awesome! Here's a quick screenshot of what I mean: by the way, the shop is located at: www.degierguitars.com/webshop/
  3. gvees

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Thanks! I just found out myself! Didn't expect me to come up with the answer... heheh... Is there also such an 'easy' way to edit the square bottom corners into round ones? :)
  4. gvees

    Basic Design Pack Support

    I'm interested in that too! I already installed your basic design pack and it looks pretty nifty..! :) Thanks! Could you post the code that has to be altered to get the round shapes also for the contentbox? I've been trying to find it, but I can't. I have the same problem as the previous poster. One corner changes, but the other one stays angled in stead of round.. Thanks in advance for any help!!