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    Cost Per Item In Order Total

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    Cost Per Item In Order Total

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    Cost Per Item In Order Total

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    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    Hey everyone, I have just tried to install the "Product Extra Fields" contrib, and everything went smoothly, BUT here is my problem! I have the "Product Extra Fields" section show up in the admin...but when i go to a product to add something under it, there is nothing there! the ONLY thing i see that shows that ive installed it is in the page to add new extra fields! This seems to work well, too! it adds it fine, i have clicked the activate button, but other than that, its as if nothing has been installed! I also dont get any errors at all! PLEAAAASE help me! Thanks in advance!! P.S. Sorry for the posts in two forums, i didnt realize the other one wasnt being used for support any longer. Thanks again!
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    Cost Per Item In Order Total

    Hello, All! I, too need some help with this, but, alas...i think i can explain it a little different (same reletive idea, but different use) I will be selling tickets from my site, and I need a way to add the service charge of $2 per ticket in the checkout! now, i COULD do this in shipping, but since a SERVICE CHARGE is in no way shape or form a method of shipping, that just doesnt seem right, does it. SO, if ANYONE knows how to do this, PLEASE HELP A BROTHER OUT! P.S. "jayrocks", you say you figured it out, wouldyou please inform us of how you did it?! thanks!!