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  1. niklasfin

    Buy and amount instead of More info

    Dear Monika, Thank you for your fast response, unfortunately this is my late answer. I haven?t been able to go into these forums because of mysql errors on the site. Now could you please be a little more specific regarding the product listing file ? I have added attributes to the catalog/product_info.php and catalog/includes/languages/english/product_info.php but they don?t seem to be functioning what so ever. I have now added the Att_Qty_Product_Info contribution but this is giving me a hard time as well. I truly appreciate your support.
  2. niklasfin

    Buy and amount instead of More info

    Whenever I enable the "Buy Now"-feature in the product listing administration it only adds the "Buy Now" colum, but instead of having a "buy now" button it has a "more info" button. Any suggestions?
  3. niklasfin

    Attribute Qty Product Info

    Hey Guys, Excuse me if this question is a bit foolish. How do I enable the box that allows a customer to enter a product amount and then place it in his basket (At the product listing i.e.)
  4. Hey Guys, I was wondering if there is any contributions out there, which would be able to change the ?More info?-button (as illustrated in the picture below) with a form for amount of order and then a ?buy? button. We?re selling printer toners, so we really don?t need any more info for the customer than the model number. Thanks in advance, Niklas Link: http://www.dpservice.dk/dpservice.jpg
  5. niklasfin

    Downloadable manuals

    Hello out there, I was wondering if anybody has made a contribution which allows the administrator of a site to: Upload a file Set the uploaded file(s) to be downloadable to certain users This means, that any user can log in ? but only some of them has access to certain files ? E.g. certain manuals. If anybody has a solution to the above, please message me. Sincerely, Niklas
  6. niklasfin

    Manual download

    Hello out there, Do you guys know if somebody ever created a contribution which allowed a customer to login and have access to certain downloadable files? Say we have the customer ?Richard? ? Richard has access to a certain manual which I (The administrator) has uploaded through the administration module. Now, when Richard creates his account he gets default settings - But I need to change these settings so Richard will be able to download the manual for product XXXX which is the file productXXXX.pdf Then when Richard logs in, he would be able to download this. Looking forward to hear from you, Niklas Laugesen Denmark
  7. Hey Guys, I'm interested in selecting certain products for the front page (For the New Products for... -box) As a matter of fact, I need to have all the products from one certain category at the New Products-box. A add on for the administration tool - or a guide how to have only products from a specific category would be really appreciated! Is there anybody out there able to help me in this matter? Sincerely, Niklas Laugesen Denmark