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  1. And i`ve got problem... At the top of the carousel i`ve got one number and i dont know how to remove it :D

    And the other problem is with cirylic fonts... Somebody can help me ?




    Open catalog/includes/classes/flash_carousel_image_resize.php file and find below line;

    $this->error = 1;

    And replace with below line;

    //$this->error = 1;

  2. I can not install the New Style for osCommerce Flash Carousel.

    How I do?

    I doing download of New Style for osCommerce Flash Carousel.

    I unziped Style_3 folder

    I read Setup.txt.


    Where are catalog folder on my OSCommerce?

    where I save Style_3?






    Copy style_3 to www.mydigital.com.br/shop/kampanya folder.

  3. Just curious why there are no install files in the contribution? Why do we have to go to another site and rummage for the install files? I'd love to add this but I am too lazy to search all over for files that should be added to the contribution. Is it me or is it silly to not have an install file included?


    I just updated some install intructions according to users feedbacks. That is the reason and also want to show you my development site. Maybe you can add some help to me.

  4. Since the contrib haw changed so much I am posting here


    First the


    define('FILENAME_FLASH_CAROUSEL', 'flash_carousel.php');


    should be also added in catalog/includes/filenames.php


    and this


    define('TABLE_FLASH_CAROUSEL', 'flash_carousel');


    should be also added in catalog/includes/database_tables.php


    I want to ask the following


    1) How can we make the carousel see the feautured or specials table and not the new flash_caroussel table (many people in the othe thread that dont see a caroussel may be because the didi not add products in the table through the admin side)?


    2) how can we make the grey thing show non latin characters (greek in my case)?




    Can you examine http://www.oscommercex.com/oscommerce-flas...l-installation/ address.

    You will see step 9 and step 10.


    And your questions;

    1. I am working on specials and featured page flash carousels. Maybe in the future I can relase them.


    2. If you send me greek charset code I can try.

  5. Hi Com Arge


    Thank you for the reply. well. actually i narrowed it down to the fact that the customer HAS to be logged in to be able to see the carousel. and i cannot seem to find any session registered argument in your code. så i find it unusual :)


    you can try this domain http://coretest.demo-shop.dk/index.php


    but as i said. you need to be logged in to see the movie



    I have looked your website and checked your xml file. And there is a problem.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    	<product image="kampanya_prod_demo_color0_20051202180023.jpg" Productname="Doggy lotion" Price="<div class="show_price">25,00kr.</div>" url="http://coretest.demo-shop.dk/doggy-lotion-p-54.html?osCsid=efee96ccba708c133ac18e1958ca37c4" />
    	<product image="kampanya_prod_demo_color0_20051213115126.jpg" Productname="Good dog tee" Price="<div class="show_price">25,00kr.</div>" url="http://coretest.demo-shop.dk/good-dog-tee-p-58.html?osCsid=efee96ccba708c133ac18e1958ca37c4" />
    	<product image="kampanya_prod_demo_color0_20051122140636.jpg" Productname="Prikket trøje" Price="<div class="show_price">25,00kr.</div>" url="http://coretest.demo-shop.dk/prikket-troeje-p-59.html?osCsid=efee96ccba708c133ac18e1958ca37c4" />
    	<product image="kampanya_prod_demo_color0_20051105194209.jpg" Productname="Skønne stof tyggeben" Price="<div class="show_price">25,00kr.</div>" url="http://coretest.demo-shop.dk/skoenne-stof-tyggeben-p-65.html?osCsid=efee96ccba708c133ac18e1958ca37c4" />


    As you see Price="<div class="show_price">25,00kr.</div>" is problem. Flash can not read this syntax. Please remove <div class="show_price"> and </div> then test your site.

  6. Hi. ppl.


    I got this coon contribution installed. but facing serious problems. its not showing anything at all. just as the page loads in FF there is a gab. but when page is done loading. the gab closes. and nothing at all is showing. no errors to work with. nothing.


    anyone got any hints as to what could be wrong or how to display some errors ?.

    If you send me your web address, I can look what the problem is.

  7. Hi ComArge,

    Thank you very much, it's wonderful that you have done so much improvements on the carousel.

    It's now perfect. You are really great.


    I have a little question about loading the carousel. I want it to be loaded after whole the page loads, so that it doesn't slow the page-load down. When I activate the carousel it takes so much time (a few seconds more) to load the page.


    I mean, first I would like to have the page loaded, after then the carousel loads. Is that possible? I think with a few changes in index.php it's could be done. But I have no idea how to do it. I have read that it could be done with JavaScript window.onLoad function or some function like this. But I am not good at JavaScript, I don't know how to use this function to work with carousel so that it would be loaded after all the rest of the page is loaded.


    Any idea?




    Okey I will think about it. How we can manage to this. But really I want to take help from users. Maybe someone has a productive solution.

  8. Carousel v 3.2

    OSC v2.2 rc2a

    STS 4.5.8


    Install was running good till I hit step 14.


    "Create the database table for flash carousel products. Open database_sql folder and choose appropriate file.

    For English run flash_carousel_english.sql file with sql program like phpMyAdmin."


    The database_sql folder is empty and is also empty in the downloaded archive.


    I am a newb, can anyone give any detail about how to run this file when I find it?



    I forgot the put sql files. But I publish a new version titled with osCommerce Flash Carousel 3.2 sql files.

    Please use this version

  9. I like this contribution but there are a couple of things that are stopping me from using it.


    I only have 492px of space to use. When I resize the carousel to 492 the carousel appears much smaller. Is there a way to remove (or fill) the white space? Also, id there a way to change the image size whilst using 3.2?


    Many Thanks



    Every osCommerce Flash Carousel style has configuration under kampanya/style directory.

    And nowadays I will release altertives about osCommerce Flash Carousel. You can send request to official osCommerce Flash Carousel site.

  10. Hi


    Thank you very much for this great contribution. I tried several versions but don´t get it running here. I don´t think I´m far of. The last error is (with flash carousels latest version):


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: flash_carousel_products_name() in /home/2/k/www/catalog/includes/modules/flash_carousel.php on line 97


    There it says:

      $xmlfile .= "\t\t" . '<product image="'.$kampanya_image.'" Productname="' . flash_carousel_products_name($flash_carousel_products['products_price']) . '" Price="'.flash_carousel_price($products_price) . '" url="' . 
      tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, 'products_id=' . $flash_carousel_products['products_id']) . '" />'."\n";


    I really tried hard for almost 10 hours but don´t quite understand what holds me back. I´m using the last version nr 2 before Oscommerce 3.0.




    Has anyone got a clue what is wrong here?


    Thanks for your time spent on my problem.






    Did you copy all files. I think you missed catalog/includes/functions/flash_carousel.php ?

    Latest version has new functions. So you need to copy this file form addon to your cataog directory.

  11. This release includes many fixes.

    1.Now € sign and comma showing.

    2.Special character support added.

    3.Works on "http://www.xxxx.xxx" and "http://xxxxx.xxx"

    4.Resize image with transparency support.

    5.Added strip_tags function in order to prevent some errors.


    You can download addon at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/6123






    You can download latest version of flash file sources (fla files) at http://www.oscommercex.com

  12. Hi, first of all I want to thank you to all who create, developed, imroved and distribute this contribute.

    I have installed it to the website i am currently developing. But I have a little problem with prices showing on carousel.

    When I move mouse over the items, the price is shown without commas. For example I have a product with price 390,00 €, it is shown as 39000.

    I am living in Germany, and we use here commas instead of points in prices.


    You can check my website at :


    What should I do to correct this prices?




    I am working on a fix about flash file. You can follow osCommerce Flash Course website.

  13. I'm also have the same trouble with my site sometime 5 sometime 2 somtimes 0 their seems to be no pattern to it. The problem can be viewed here at Visit My Website http://www.biddlebikes.co.uk

    I have got a potential 12 products that should be viewable in the carousel.




    Also I've noticed that when you delete the products from the flash carousel it doesn't delete the images from the kampanya folder on the server. Isn't the any way of sorting this out.


    Apart from these issues the installation went smoothly with no errors displayed.




    I just look your website. First of all your addon works as expected way. But there is a problem with your product's description. For instance I checked your xml file.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
    	<product image="kampanya_Stealth_Tropicana.jpg" Productname="Stealth Tropicana Front Suspen.." Price="£96.95" url="http://biddlebikes.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=406&osCsid=f1fc7465ba21d70640096cb27764cb3a" />
    	<product image="kampanya_Barracuda_Cyber_08.jpg" Productname="Barracuda Cyber 24" Wheel Boys.." Price="£117.95" url="http://biddlebikes.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=411&osCsid=f1fc7465ba21d70640096cb27764cb3a" />
    	<product image="kampanya_Barracuda_Switch_08.jpg" Productname="Barracuda Switch 2008 21 Speed.." Price="£133.95" url="http://biddlebikes.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=415&osCsid=f1fc7465ba21d70640096cb27764cb3a" />
    	<product image="kampanya_Barracuda_Vert_08.jpg" Productname="Barracuda Vert 2008 21 Speed D.." Price="£150.95" url="http://biddlebikes.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=416&osCsid=f1fc7465ba21d70640096cb27764cb3a" />
    	<product image="kampanya_Montana_Blue shark.jpg" Productname="Montana Blue Shark 20" Wheel B.." Price="£99.95" url="http://biddlebikes.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=398&osCsid=f1fc7465ba21d70640096cb27764cb3a" />
    	<product image="kampanya_Barracuda_Echo_08.jpg" Productname="Barracuda Echo 24" Wheel Girls.." Price="£117.95" url="http://biddlebikes.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=414&osCsid=f1fc7465ba21d70640096cb27764cb3a" />
    Second product name is [b]Barracuda Cyber 24" Wheel Boys..[/b] And there is a " in your products name and if you remove " from your products name it will work without error.

  14. Can somebody please tell me how to do Step 14 For the Carosel?


    Step 14:

    Create the database table for flash carousel products. Open database_sql folder and choose appropriate file.

    For English run flash_carousel_english.sql file with sql program like phpMyAdmin.

    For Turkish run flash_carousel_turkish.sql file with sql program like phpMyAdmin.


    For other languages you can use flash_carousel_english.sql. If you translate this file please send us. We can put this file further osCommerce Flash Carousel releases.



    I am not familar with how to do this in PHPMyAdmin..... When it says, For English run flash_carousel_english.sql file with sql program like phpMyAdmin, I don't know how to run it.


    Any help would be appreciated


    You need to run only one sql file. You can run sql file by using PhpMyAdmin. If you don't know what is PhpMyAdmin please us a search engine and search it. You will find good lessons about using PhpMyAdmin.

  15. I have installed v3.0.1. This is a very nice mod and all works well for me except if I set my configuration style to style_1: medium, I receive the following error:


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: str_split() in /www/mywebpage.com/web/catalog/includes/modules/flash_carousel.php on line 68


    However, if I configure to style_2:medium all works great.


    This is fine and I can live with this but has anyone seen this before? and maybe has a fix.






    You can find the answer at this address http://www.oscommercex.com/?page_id=91

  16. Greetings

    When I try to run Flash carousel (index.php) i am getting this error


    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class img_opt in C:\wamp\www\icc\includes\classes\flash_carousel_image_resize.php on line 11


    Please help







    There is allready image class exist with the same name img_opt. You can remove flash_carousel_image_resize.php file and fix the requirement call from flash_carousel.php in modules directory.

  17. Great Contribution. I have version 2.0 working fine. But I did not get an answer as to what exactly was added to version 3.01 I am hesitant to upgrade


    The questions I am wondering is


    1. can the text color be changed now?

    2. can the pictures be resizes and the mirror image appear correctly now?


    or is there a line of code I can add to ver2.0 to change the text color to white?






    Now there is no option to change text color. But I released both flash styles fla at http://www.oscommercex.com


    You can download the files and open with Flash CS3 at least then edit the text areas color.