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  1. Hi, Found that problem also, just now. I use kiss it image thumbnailer for the images, it's on html output and products info pages. But its not in the add ons. The addons use the internal setting of oscommerce. small image height and width had those on 100 and 80, bumped them up to 175 both and it looks much better as you can see. Greetings, Anne
  2. Hi, Step further, would be nice to put in the manual also that there are 2 templages, I thought it would be auto select by script, but needed to rename the BS3 file. Now i need something for the thumbs they are very blurry. Greetings, Anne
  3. Hi, Getting there. Stuppid me, had a owl carousel on index running from a old banner rotator. Disabled that, little more padding between the boxes and got it scrolling. Only thing now is the box size change more square. Greetings, Anne
  4. Hi, Good to know. The fix in the template file worked for me. Know i have to find out how to get the alignment a little bit better. See www.fotomeinema.nl Would like to have it more like the new products module, 4 products on a row, alignment of the button next each other and more centered. I tried to compare the two modules, but yours is more comprehensive. Greetings, Anne By the way, if you need somebody to translate the lang. files to dutch and germany let me know.
  5. Hi, Has to do something with the rounding of the numbers. In the admin i have under currencies 2 decimals behind. as rounding, but when i look in the specials module in the admin than it gives a 4 decimal after the , instead of 10,55 its 10,5440 Greetings, Anne
  6. Hi, Where should i put this, which file or in your contribution file ? Greetings, Anne By the way, modified your language file for dutch. Sorry for that.
  7. Hi, Running until march 2018 Prices are set 2 dec behind Prices set - https://www.fotomeinema.nl/shop/catalog/specials.php Greetings, Anne
  8. Hi, Good one. But still a little problem. Install ok. Put in 20% discount on a product. some will show -20% and some wil show -19.997979785 ? Even if the prices are the same under specials in admin. Greetings, Anne
  9. Dj-Viper

    SEO Boxes Question

    Hi, Deleted the changes in the files and so far is everything good. Greetings, Anne
  10. Dj-Viper

    Administrator Buttons not showing

    Update. Oke, solved problem get another one. If in admin/includes/template_top is the following <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php echo tep_catalog_href_link('ext/jquery/jquery-2.2.3.min.js', '', 'SSL'); ?>"></script> the buttons are fine, except on the orders page, there are no tabs only plain text voor summary, products, status history, everything is beneath each other. If i update the jquery to 3.3.1 than the tabs of the order page are there but the buttons of other pages in admin are plain text. If i update the jquery to 3.1.0 than the tabs are on the order page and also the button. So i think there is something with the jquery version. Greetings, Anne
  11. Dj-Viper

    Administrator Buttons not showing

    Update : Looks like it is solved, the admin/includes/template_top.php had a reference of a old jquery file, put the new version in. And looks like it worked. Will be testing it. Greetings, Anne
  12. Hi, See image suddenly my images of the buttons in the info boxes in the administration are now shown anymore. Almost on al pages, except the orders.php page. Where can i find the reference of those like IMAGE_BACK (file path) Greetings, Anne
  13. Dj-Viper

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hello, Have this contribution installed, but came across a problem. When changing the status of the order and check notify customer a mail is send. But the status of the order is not in the email. -- part of mail -- De status van uw order is veranderd. Nieuwe status: ---- here should be the status. Opmerkingen bij uw bestelling: Any ideas ? Greetings, Anne
  14. Dj-Viper

    SEO Boxes Question

    Hi, Understand about the headertags modules, those i can delete. But the boxes i don't understand see image, the Header Tags SEO boxes are under the image. Think i have to delete those from the categories.php files etc. Greetings, Anne