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  1. Dj-Viper

    Paypal Minimum Order

    Hi, Double question. But for now only for paypal app. Is there a way to setup a minimum order amount for the payment module. Let's say 50 bucks and above, so under 50 bucks will not be able to use paypal. Greetings, DjViper Using edge kind off.
  2. Dj-Viper


    My error. forgot the header tag module.It's sunday here, must be off today. Only the warnings are still shown.
  3. Dj-Viper


    Hi, BS - PHP 5.6 Trying to install this contribution. Have installed with success the modular checkout pages. But also getting error's when installing this contribution. Illegal string offset 'type' in .../includes/functions/html_output.php on line 350 etc etc. Also no checkbox is showing up on the payment page or on the confirmation page. Tried the update of June 14 in the templates. But than i get a broken up page (left boxes are gone and the right side is underneath) and the text <div class="text-MODULE_CONTENT_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT_CONTINUE_BUTTON_MATC_ALIGNMENT"> shows up befor the next button (confirmation page). Any idea. Greetings, Anne
  4. Dj-Viper

    International SEO

    Hi, Was about the addon on the app store. See link in the message Greetings, Anne
  5. Dj-Viper

    Product listing

    Hi, What is the best way to change the orientation of the gallery. It's now on the right side of the screen the images. But want to try to have it in the middle with the tumbs under it. Greetings, DjViper
  6. Dj-Viper

    Second Product Image Size

    Hi, Couldn't find it in the JS file, but changed the header tag to 124 for 7 thumbs for 4 was to much. Thanxs for the info. Nou i need to see if i want to change the picture orientation of right to center. Greetings, Dj Viper
  7. Dj-Viper

    Second Product Image Size

    Hi, Not for all products i have second or third image. But for some i have and now i was wondering. It is a little bit on the small size. example : https://www.fotomeinema.nl/shop/catalog/torro-kingtiger-p-30558.html How do i get the size a little bit larger of them. Or is there nice addon on for better gallery. I use BS3 pre april 2018 Greetings, DjViper
  8. Dj-Viper

    International SEO

    Hi, Getting confused saw this one popping up in apps - https://apps.oscommerce.com/AAr28&amp;canonical-header-tags-bug-fix I have Ultimate SEO Urls, every page has a different url. Use also XML Sitemaps uploaded to google and bing. So i'm good ? Greetings, DjViper
  9. Dj-Viper

    Paypal App - Fee

    Hi, Oke, thanxs will do some reading. Oke, that also means that one of my distributors also may not ask paypal fee anymore. (2% he puts on the bill every time). Greetings, Dj Viper
  10. Dj-Viper

    Paypal App - Fee

    Hi, I use multiple payment modules, and used Paypal IPN already with Paypal Fee contribution, but is also stated on the webshop it's only a 1,5 % charge so that's ok, never had any complaints about it. But also set the limit of paypal payments to 150 euro max. So than is the question how to add a fee or handling charge only to paypal section. Greetings, DjViper
  11. Dj-Viper

    Paypal App - Fee

    Hi, I have not installed the new paypal app yet. But was wondering if there is (paypal standard) option to add/set a paypal fee in it. Or do i have to use the old paypal fee module of paypal ipn. Greetings, DjViper
  12. Hello, Updated version is available. Added the Dutch and German Language files. Greetings, Dj-Viper
  13. Hello, Updated version is available. Added the Dutch and German Language files. Greetings, Dj-Viper
  14. Hello, Updated version is available. Added the Dutch and German Language files. Greetings, Dj-Viper