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  1. I made the mistake of insert the payment module os Bancaja, to credit modules, the default one. Please anyone can move it to payment modules? Thanks. Regards from Spain. "Messi the best in da world"
  2. Here is the new version of this TPV... For errors and comments post here please! Contribution:,4997
  3. Ok i will make it, a zone for manage (edit-delete) those options in few days ;) Regards from spain.
  4. There is an option to delete the actors and other fields? or we need to program ourselves? Thanks...
  5. Maybe you need SPPC contribution... who can create group of customers with diferent prices for each group. And when an user register an account for one of that groups you can aprove it in admin... or deny it... Regards.
  6. Hi all... New version 2.2 is released... You can find it at,1965 For any problems or suggestions, please post it here... thanks.
  7. I cant understand the pink error message... what it says?
  8. I've posted a New version... a little bit later... but it works right... Sorry Admin products paging version 2.2 MAybe some day i will write a readme file with the changes, but right now use winmerge... regards.