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  1. appleguru

    switching over to new usps servers

    Alsobeen wondering about this...
  2. appleguru

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Anyone know a solution to be able to have partial weights get used? From what I can tell it always rounds up to the nearest pound...
  3. Hi, I installed the latest version of the Ultimate SEO URLs contribution for OsC yesterday.. Everything seemed to go fine.. but upon double checking everything, I found that orders placed witch Ultimate SEO URLs enabled did not have order IDs (order ID shows up as 0). This was fixed by a tip in the forums: //SEO Fix if ($insert_id == 0) { $query_maxorder_id = tep_db_query("SELECT MAX(orders_id) as count FROM " . TABLE_ORDERS . " WHERE customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "'"); $maxorder_id = tep_db_fetch_array($query_maxorder_id); $insert_id = $maxorder_id['count']; } //SEO Fix No idea what causes it to go away in the first place, but turning SEO off fixes it.. A bigger problem that I've run into though is that with SEO URLs enabled, creating an account doesn't work.. it always errors out, TEP_STOP DB error.. I have the purchase without account contribution installed too; happens with that as well.. Also, if you do manage to create an account (seems to be random when it lets you with SEO on); your address appears blank.. Looking at my SQL tables, the customers_default_address_id is always 0 for all accounts made with SEO URLs on.. There seems to be other missing info as well.. Turning SEO off fixes this completely.. Any ideas? Any help you can provide is much appreciated!
  4. appleguru

    Make CC radio box selected by default

    Awesome! Thanks!!! :)
  5. appleguru

    Credit Card Module

    Who are you using to process the cards?
  6. appleguru

    authorize consolidated 1.7b and merchant email

    Yeah, I was curious about this as well when I first set it up.. but it works fine (and you get the emails) as soon as you make it go live :) ...One way to check.. use a test card and place an order.. should get declined and will show up in your authorize.net gateway as such (you wont get an email tho).
  7. appleguru

    Issuing refunds with Authorize.net

    Mmm, thanks for the tip... I guess that solves that 8) But.. I'd still like to figure this out if anyone has any ideas.
  8. appleguru

    Issuing refunds with Authorize.net

    Ok.. if I put this in the authorizenet.php file: tep_draw_hidden_field('cc_expires', $this->cc_expiry_month . substr($this->cc_expiry_year, -2)); ...Then I can get the expiration date to store.. but then running a cc transaction fails.. likely due to the expiration date not posting as it should with auth.net by: tep_draw_hidden_field('x_Exp_Date', $this->cc_expiry_month . substr($this->cc_expiry_year, -2)); Anyone have any tips on how I can make both of these work together? TIA!
  9. appleguru


    What do you have set as your path to curl?
  10. appleguru

    AVS with Authorize.net module

    Not sure what your using, but mine works fine :P (I'm using the Auth.net Consolidated 1.7b rls... it uses AIM)
  11. appleguru

    Issuing refunds with Authorize.net

    ...trying to modify checkout_process.php so that it stores the expiration date in the cc_expires table entry of orders... 'cc_expires' => $order->info['x_Exp_Date'], x_Exp_Date.. is the expiration date from the auth.net payment module.. any tips?
  12. appleguru

    Issuing refunds with Authorize.net

    Ok, looks like I only need the last 4 digits for the refund.. which I have.. Still need the expiration date tho.. and I don't think I'm storing it :/
  13. appleguru

    Issuing refunds with Authorize.net

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to issue credit card refunds for my customers. My authorize.net gateways has the option to do this in the virtual terminal, but not only needs the transaction ID, but the FULL credit card number and expiration date. As far as I know, I'm not storing these values anywhere on my OsC server (unless I'm wrong, but.. I'm using the AIM Auth.net consolidated module atm and it doesn't appear to).. Any tips short of asking a customer for their full CC # and expiration date?? O.o
  14. appleguru

    Help with some custom module modifications

    Uhh.. figured it out off a tim on the something awful forums: ...All I needed to do was declare $cart in the class variables! Yay :) Seems to work wonderfully now :) Thanks guys!