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  1. faris10

    Credit card checkout

    Hi all, I use credit card for my cart, but when a customer makes an order I can not see the credit card type and the cvv2 , any suggestions why? thanks
  2. faris10

    Payment gateway

    I really need a good payment gateway. I been using 2checkout and it is not working fine, any suggestions?
  3. faris10

    Payment Gateway

    Does anyone have a 2chekout that is working perfectly? I would like to see that working. Also is there any other payment gateway that does not require merchant account ?
  4. faris10


    I have installed OSC Affiliate 2.5 . How can I adjust the percentage paid for each affiliate , what it does is 10% also do I have to pay the tax on the money the affiliate earned ? I did not see where I can remove the tax
  5. faris10


    When I use this contribution when 2 checkout the customer provides the information of the credit card on my website , then he has to provide the information again on the 2 checkout website , is there any solution that he can provide the information on my website only ? Thanks
  6. THis is just an update I have been trying to install EP and for some reason was not working for me. after a long work , I found that Disabling Register Global contribution is the reason for that . Now its working
  7. Now it's working . Thank you for the great help
  8. $testing= $GLOBALS['ot_gv']->mod_process();
  9. sorry here is the code for 176 $testing= $GLOBALS['ot_gv']->mod_process();
  10. Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/heatandc/public_html/cart/checkout_payment.php on line 176
  11. When I changed to the code you posted I recive the following error Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/heatandc/public_html/cart/checkout_payment.php on line 176
  12. I do not see the redeem box , it does not show
  13. I have installed version 5_15_a2 everything went fine I can ad discount codes in the admin, but when I purchase a product I dont see where it ask for the code. I have left the product choice empty so that will be for all the products that in my store.
  14. What version do u want me to use I will do that , I will re install the shopping cart. Thanks