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  1. jackcrack

    Paypal Standard error - wrong paypal URL?

    We're having the same problem. I haven't figured out why yet but it appears that it's posting to the correct location but it isn't posting any of the necessary values. On ours if we go back to OSCommerce then the 2nd time through it works just fine. Very strange.
  2. jackcrack

    CCGV or Discount Coupon Codes?

    I use Discount Coupon Codes and I think that it would work great for this. You can even have a promo code work once per user so that he only has to generate one code for the show and each user can only us it once.
  3. I've been using this contribution for quite some time now but I was wondering how hard it would be to offer a discount with options on a product. We have a book that can be ordered as a hardback or audio book download. The MP3 download is the same product but is one of the options. Would there be a way to restrict a code to only work if they select the MP3 download option without creating 2 separate products?