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    Beer, beer and did I mention the beer? oh and computers best viewed with a beer!
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  1. Sounds good. Can you take a guess as to how long it will be before you have something posted? I'm not trying to make you commit to anything its just I want to get the feature in before Xmas so have to decide as to whether to wait for the shiny new 5.15 or think about taking the 5.13 for now Cheers Steve
  2. Thanks Mike.. I saw the pic but it didn't give me a real feel so a link would be much appreciated ! Cheers Steve
  3. Si - is this a complete package or do we need to pull info/fixes/updates from any previous threads on this one? Cheers Steve
  4. Can anyone point me to a site that is using this contribution so I can see how it looks before I ask our web folks to install it on our site if it fits the bill for us too? Cheers Steve