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  1. Not trying to just push this back up, but I really need to get a working BOA payment module. Can anybody help with this as Ray doesn't answer his email. Thanks
  2. Is anybody currently using the BOA payment module by Ray with the milestone release? It seems to have broken the contribution currently listed and it's beyond my limited php knowledge to fix. I'd be willing to pay a few bucks to have someone fix it. Thanks Josef
  3. Thanks Mikedjr, but like rseigel said, we do have to deal with at least 2-3 distributors. I did think about just adding them, but that brings up other issues.
  4. Anybody? :( I'm sure someone else has the same dilema. Thanks
  5. I'm trying to find a better way to send an email to a distributor with the customers order. Right now, I just copy and paste into an email from the admin, but this doesn't paste correctly and is rather time consuming. Does anyone know of a mod or simpler way to email an order/invoice to a third party? Thanks Josef
  6. Steve, I was getting ready to download and try out the mod and noticed the previous couple of threads. Has the current download been updated with the fixed/additions in the previous threads? Is it like a current working snapshot? Thanks
  7. I didn't even think about that! An affiliate to be able to link directly to a product would be great. That way they could just post the images and a description with a link directly to add to cart or something. I can wait for a 3.0 for that. Go, Steve, Go. Josef
  8. Ok, being the Mac guy, I tested it with IE 5 and NS 7.0. After a little difficulty getting the logins right, all seemed to work. By difficulty, I mean that if you log in as affiliate first, then go login as a customer, it doesn't seem to register the sale. That could just be a Mac NS thing. After I logged off as customer and cleared my cache and cookies, all worked fine. One thing I did notice is that in IE, the formatting on the summary is a little funky and the scroller doesn't work (the welcome). I can send you screen shot if you want. Since IE is the most used browser on a Mac, if might be something to look at. When I get a hold of the mod, I can take it a look at it. Other than that, great work!!! Thanks Steve J
  9. If you can get it done in the next couple of weeks, I'll send you some Texas hot sauce. We're readying our Calendar site and the buying season is just around the corner...that affiliate mod would allow us to take back some sales from Amazon and we're even giving the affilites an extra .5%. Thanks a bunch.