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    Hi! At first, sorry for my English :cry: I'm just about to set up an eShop using OSC. Since we'll be also operating an 'old-fashioned' non-eShop :D in Germany, I'm looking for a module to make it possible to use the OSC-software as a cashier program. A lot of the products we gonna offer are very special and so we don't have a large stock of them. If a product is sold in the shop, the online-stock shall be immediately adjusted to prevent online-orders for a maybe "just-sold-out" item. I've been searching the CONTRIBUTIONS-section for a module like this without success. Anyone has a hint for me where to find something like that? If it doesn't exist till now, maybe someone of you really great php-experts can set up that. It should be able to: - Offer a direct input form on the screen where you only have to fill in the product number and a detailed invoice will be generated automatically - print an invoice directly - adjust the stock directly - add the sale to the sales reports Greets, Knocky