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  1. Hello.

    I think all of you know about generator osc buttons http://www.oscbuttons.com/

    but you can generate only standard osc buttons without contributions buttons.

    So need change it. I'll try to create new type of buttons "OSC with contributions" and

    add all mistake buttons. Also I add admin buttons too. But I need your help.

    Please add contributions buttons that you have used and want to see in new buttons package.

    For example:

    button_address_book.gif;Address Book



  2. Problem was in this place, file Google_Button_Code.php

    $name = $quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['title'];

    $price = $quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['cost'];

    $shipping_restrictions = "";

    CreateMerchantCalculatedShipping($name, $price, $shipping_restrictions);


    if customers enter not correct addres we have not correct shipping and google error...

    need change

    $name = $quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['title'];

    $price = $quotes[$i]['methods'][$j]['cost'];

    $shipping_restrictions = "";

    if(strlen($name)>0 && strlen($price)>0)

    CreateMerchantCalculatedShipping($name, $price, $shipping_restrictions);


    So now we do CreateMerchantCalculatedShipping when we have right shipping.

  3. Please help.

    Now I have this in shopping cart

    Fatal error: Error calling function "CreateShipping(merchant-calculated-shipping)": Missing Parameter: "$name" must be provided. in /home/ozeworks/public_html/test2/acuatlanta/includes/functions/GlobalAPIFunctions.php on line 419

    What's wrong? How can I check this? Thanks

  4. I haven't started a topic for it so you've done it, right.


    Your question - generally - no, this is the same text taken from $module->title and it's can be changed only on all places at once. You can think of something tricky here but will have to code it yourself.

  5. I've just installed HTC 2.5.9 and overcome an unpleasant problem. After installing I've deleted pages all_prods and products_all in admin, cause the site don't have them. And after trying to apply tags to other pages I've seen np changes. I now what's the problem - in catalog/includes/header_tags.php in main swicth all entries were gone. Not only all_prods that I've deleted but also index.php, product_info.php atd others. I've seen this problem on earlier versions of HTC, but hoped the last will not have them. Do anybody know of this and how to fix it.

  6. Don?t know how I managed to miss point 7 in the install, sorry about that.

    Now I have the exact same problem as msheno01 - I can select the statistics, but no data is shown...


    May be have not permission in folder \admin\images\graphs

    Please set up permission 777 in this folder: \admin\images\graphs

  7. Am having a bit of trouble getting this contribution to work.


    Have added the SQL file succesfully to the database, have modified all the necessary files and can see

    that the site now logs all the relevant data into the database.


    I do not, however get any entry to show the statistics through the admin interface, and if I run any of the

    php files manually (for ex. https://websitename.dk/catalog/admin/store_statistics.php), no data is displayed?


    Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


    Please make poit 7 int the file install.html


    7. In admin/includes/column_left.php

    Add the following lines before '?>':

    require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'store_statistics.php');


    You have to see store statistic box:


  8. Well I have a problem, or 3 of them. But I guess they are depending each other.

    The first 2 problems occured when I installed this contrib. I couldn`t find


    in the file catalog/create_acount.php an therefore wasn?t able to add the line


    And in the file catalog/account_edit.php I couldn?t find

    so i couldn?t enter this:

    . Adding the other lines were no problem, also in this 2 files.

    And I guess as a result of these 2 errors i can?t find anywhere in the admin panel of my shop anything to add customer fields.

    I hope anyone can help me! Thanks alot!


    I think that you miss point 6 from installation instruction:

    6. In admin/includes/database_tables.php

    Add the following lines:




    or you miss point 11:

    11. In catalog/includes/database_tables.php

    Add the following lines:




    Check pleas these points and tell me result. If you have any

    questions, don't hesitate - ask me.



  9. My question is: where can I alter the length of the heading for the extra field. I would like to use the field for a question and need to give an example answer, but my heading gets truncated.

    Please run sql query: "ALTER TABLE `extra_fields_info` CHANGE `fields_name` `fields_name` TEXT NOT NULL"


    This contribution will help you to watch for statistics of attendance on the web shop. Daily, monthly and yearly period of statistics.


    Thanks to everyone who has contributed in whatever manner to getting this code.

    If you have any queries, bug reports, praise or derision, don't hesitate through osCommerce website ask me

  11. Admin can add/edit/delete extra fields for customers and set up field name, field type (input field, textarea field) and field required status (true, false). Customers see extra fields when he create or edit own account.


    If you have any queries, bug reports, praise or derision, don't hesitate.