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  1. andyshep

    Protx Direct v2.22

    will contact host about this, andy
  2. andyshep

    Protx Direct v2.22

    hi all, been using protx_direct 4.2 everythig was working fine until about a week ago. when credit card details are entered it comes back say there was a problem please try again. it doesnt appear to be getting to the stage of communicating with protx. anyone got any ideas. maybee i should upgrade to 4.4 ........ headache. cheers andy
  3. andyshep

    protx direct 3.2 - checkout problem

    tested again today. Seems fine. odd thx anyway
  4. andyshep

    protx direct 3.2 - checkout problem

    just installed it today its Protx Direct v4.2. i was just getting credit card error, nothing specific. oddly enough ive made no changes since the problems i was having, yet now it seems to be absolutely fine. will try it out again later see it its still ok . will let you know if i need any help. cheers for the reply.
  5. andyshep

    protx direct 3.2 - checkout problem

    ok another update: it must take a little while for the trans actions to appear in the vsp admin. checked again and the payments were processed. but i am still going back to the page to enter cc info with a CREDIT CARD ERROR at the top Any Ideas?
  6. andyshep

    protx direct 3.2 - checkout problem

    it works fine: enter all the 3d secure info. password etc then returns to cc page with CREDIT CARD ERROR
  7. andyshep

    protx direct 3.2 - checkout problem

    Having the same problem :'( Request URL=https://ukvpstest.protx.com/vpsDirectAuth/PaymentGateway3D.asp Data string sent=VPSProtocol=2.22&TxType=PAYMENT&Vendor=**********& VendorTxCode=105-746*****0126375818*****5254*****&Amount=9.60&Currency=GBP &Description=Order+Number%3A+105&CardHolder=andrew+shepherd&CardNumber=********** &StartDate=****&ExpiryDate=****&IssueNumber=&CV2=***&CardType=VISA &BillingAddress=********%2C%0D%0Adaventry%2C%0D%0Anorthants%2C%0D%0AUnited+Kingdom&BillingPostCode=****** &DeliveryAddress=********%2C%0D%0Adaventry%2C%0D%0Anorthants%2C%0D%0AUnited+Kingdom&DeliveryPostCode=******* &CustomerName=andrew+shepherd&ContactNumber=**********&CustomerEMail=******%40aol.com &ClientIPAddress= Shipping%3A1%3A5.75%3A----%3A5.75%3A5.75&AccountType=E Protx response=VPSProtocol=2.22 VPSTxId={2E2CCEA4-10FA-413C-942B-654066B44F76} Status=OK StatusDetail= TxAuthNo=******* SecurityKey=******* AVSCV2=ALL MATCH AddressResult=MATCHED PostCodeResult=MATCHED CV2Result=MATCHED 3DSecureStatus=NOTCHECKED curl_error= account has been set up and working for a while just updating for 3d secure any help would be appreciated. thanks
  8. hi all, i am trying to allow the checkout process to continue when the shopping cart is empty. you might ask why? i am trying to duplicate the checkout process for credit card payments that are not related to the shop. in checkout_payment.php there is this code: // if there is nothing in the customers cart, redirect them to the shopping cart page if ($cart->count_contents() < 1) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_SHOPPING_CART)); } i thought ahhh.. just remove that and job done... it is still redirecting to the shopping cart if i remove this. Anyone know what else i need to change or , can i put a dummy product in the cart, this might seem easier but then i will need to set the price of this dummy product to ?0.00 and as ive got it setup at the moment delivery charges will be added and i dont want that. any ideas anyone? cheers andy.
  9. andyshep

    money transfer

    Hi all. Just in the final stages of setting up my first ecommerce site. ok ive got an online shop that accepts credit cards for items brought on the site. In addition to this i have a secure part of the site which only certain customers can log into. these are customers that have had ( for example ) some security doors fitted by us. I want to be able to allow these customers to pay their invoices for this type of work online. i.e. they are paying for labour plus parts etc. I am wondering what would be the best way to do this. I am using protx and therfore the protx direct contribution. could / should i use the current checkout system and customise it. such as miss out delivery address part of the process and some other bits and bobs. or is it possible to duplicate the payment system and be able to customise it without doing all the checks such as whether they are buying products or paying for services. i.e. this would be the same pages but renamed and edited. any help appreciated.... taaa
  10. andyshep

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    first make sure your using the latest oscommerce with the nov updates. second if your are using the latest oscommerce it looks like you have not update your database correctly the 'customers_group_name' field has not been added to the database
  11. andyshep

    infobox help needed

    look at my post here should be of some help to you
  12. andyshep

    Dynamic SiteMap

    in includes/modules/dynamic_sitemap.php find this code: around line 109?... $engFile = DIR_WS_LANGUAGES . $language . '/' . $file; if (file_exists($engFile) && IsViewable($file)) { if (strpos($file, "product_info.php") !== FALSE || strpos($file, "create_account_success.php") !== FALSE || strpos($file, "links_submit_success.php") !== FALSE || strpos($file, "checkout_process.php") !== FALSE ) continue; $fp = file($engFile); and add the pages there you dont wanna include. Sure thats how i did it
  13. Same problem here with the latest version.
  14. Fixes/Changes: -> Fixed database_setup.php file. Had the wrong table definitions. -> Fixed coding problems in the admin/categories.php file that prevented the product name from being seen. albeit a great contribution. But : -> Fixed coding problems in the admin/categories.php file that prevented the product name from being seen. is as much help as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick :blink: it would be beneficial to state what the changed code is wouldnt it? :unsure: i have now got it working after replacing a backup and then changing the categories.php and then reinstalling 5 contributions... :-" its not a dig B) nice work otherwise.
  15. are the changes documented anywhere?