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    Advertising Promotional Codes

    Thanks Guys. I have already reviewed thesr contribs on a clean dev install and i cant seem to get CCGV working and easy Discounts doesnt allow me to use a discount code on checkout. I need to know what marketing is working, so the customer MUST input the advert code in the discount box to get the correct discount for that promotion. I'm so poor at PHP...........lol
  2. Hi All. We are having considerable trouble with our OSC shop. We dont know what advertising is working for which products. As we have web and traditional marketing methods we would like to see the results of each. Many of our adverts carry discounts for specific items and so far we have simply changed the price of the product using the "specials" feature, but we would like to assign a promotional code to each advert and track the sales using that. So.... Customer sees advert in local press and visits site, looks to buy any product and if he enters the code on the advert, gets a discount of say 10%. Anyone know of a contribution that does this already? I have looked for 3 hours tonight and cant find one that does what we need. Any help greatly appreciated. Pete..