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  1. Nossum

    [Contribution] Task Manager (Admin)

    Good Evening Folks This is kind of embarrassing I have installed ok and now want to remove some of the functions I want to remove a couple of the columns and the fields, but when I take out what I think is the code the contribution continues to work normally.... Dooohh I am using Firefox so force a clear the cache by pressing Ctrl Del R I would appreciate if someone would be kind enough to guide me to the code that paints the columns or what I might be doing wrong Thank you Nossum
  2. Graham Folks Good Evening First thank you to the authors of this contribution I have installed the contribution and tested the credit card side of it in the sandpit and live and it seems to work ok There seems to be a number of issues regarding the Direct module on the developers section forum in Paypal. Have these been resolved yet please? I seem to have a number of minor issues. The main one is the recipients name and address does not appear in the checkout process. Have you or anyone else seen that? The version I installed is the PWA version. This changes the logon screen to include the text and link to go directly to checkout. I have noticed this a permanent bolt so that if you call up the logon screen to logon say, this offer to go directly to checkout also comes up. Do you or anyone know of a fix to make this conditional before I go tinkering Are there any plans for a revision issue shortly? Finally can you shed any light on how the sandpit at paypal handles this contribution. It seems very confused at the paypal end. I have tested using the paypal dummy cards information which seems to work but there is no feedback in what is happening at the paypal end. I understand that I have to relate the sandpit account and my WPP LIVE account to get any detail which sounds like a recipe for problems I seem to have posed a lot of questions - apologies! Regards Nossum
  3. Nossum

    Full Catalog Backup

    Good Evening All After finding out the hard way I think the error code 2 is indicating a lack of space on the server for the database. About ten minutes after posting this ad I had such an experience - not to be recommended. After freeing up space and a restore the program has run fine... Cheers Nossum
  4. Nossum

    Full Catalog Backup

    Azer, Folks Good Evening This dreaded error code 2 has anybody ever found an explanation? The contribution has been performing faultlessly for some months Yesterday it falls over half way through with error code 2 and no amount of first aid or tweaking will get it back up and running I can do an ftp manual backup but... Any thoughts ideas very welcome Thank you
  5. Nossum

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi folks no progress - the contribution works faultlessly on the admin side. On the catalog side it sees that there are articles (it displays the numbers in the column) and the Topic Information displays just no articles in the main screen. I have reinstalled all files, checked data tables, checked chcp etc but nothing Rob, anyone any ideas on how to start tracking this problem down would be appreciated Thank you Nossum
  6. Nossum

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi Rob, Everyone I would be very grateful for suggestions - to stop me going totallt bananas... I have installed on a test system and the contribution works fine Install it on the production version and everything works with the sole exception that the articles wont show on the page Topics will show, admin works fine, articles in admin yup, but in the shop nada! The only difference between the two is on the production version Mysql 4 instead of 5 The shop runs in the root (ie no catalog) Any guidance suggestions welcomed Thank you nossum
  7. Nossum

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Hi Has anybody had experience of this contribution and the overriding of paypals postage calculations? I appear to be getting the paypal rate overriding/ignoring the website postage rates. I notice there is a switch in paypal to allow an override of their rates, but does this (excellent) contribution allow for that? Any guidance very welcome Thank you Nossum
  8. Hi Folks Please can I ask for help/guidance with the following problem I have my web site sat on a CCGI server and I have installed Google XML Sitemap Feed up to and including (including all higgalls contributions) I can run the pages from the browser and they seem perfectly ok and work fine I can get Google to verify the site but when I advise Google of the site maps after an hour or so it comes back and tells me I have checked the code (particularly the config files) and as far as I can tell everything is in order. The only thing I can turn up is by using the Xenu link sleuth I have trawled this forum and Google but cannot get to grips with what Google dislikes about the pages Any guidance would be sincerely appreciated Thank you Nossum
  9. Chooch, A postscript to say the problem went away after I restored back to an earlier copy. On examination of the offending dataset there were some orphan entries in TABLE configuration referring to SEO Thanks to you, Yesudo et al - Respect Cheers Nossum
  10. Thank you Jack I'll work through this an report back Cheers Nossum
  11. Hi folks First - thank you to the people that have made this contribution, its superb and bang on for the spiders! I have installed and its working fine, but I notice that the products description (as handled by product_info.php) has slipped down the page a couple of lines. When categories or other components are called they appear as they should "hard up" against the title bar I have compared product_info and application_top to the previous versions and I cannot see any code change that might give rise to this phenomena Has anyone else come across this please? I would be very grateful for any advice or guidance Thank you Nossum
  12. Hi Chooch Sorry had to go and work... I did back up but did not revert to that - I deleted the SEO changes to the tables and removed the cached table entries I will try a restore and see what happens Cheers & thank you Nossum
  13. C'mon on now guys have a heart ! your giving a sensitive little soul a real hard time!! Given the amount of abuse my test system has taken I have no doubt there is something unmentionable hanging around there somewhere - scoobie snacks and WORSE! Hmm now calm down take another sip where were we? What I am trying to tell you (in a very obtuse way) is that I think I have set the files back to where they were before I installed SEO and I have removed the SEO fields in the database and manually removed whats in the cache table which was three entries that referred to SEO. So I cannot explain why SEO in its entirety still appears in the admin. Does that explain things? hee hee hee ! no worries I've got broad shoulders!! :thumbsup:
  14. Hi Emmett No - header tags controller is about the most exotic. Do you want me to do a list? Regards Nossum
  15. Hi Emmett I thought I had reset everything - got rid of files reinstalled original, sorted database, clear cache in database etc ie everything to a pre SEO condition and I still have an entry in admin. I would have done an image but I am not sure how I upload an image file here (blush) :blush: I can drop you a mail with an image to your site if you wish It has some operability albeit with error messages so I wondered if it still existed in the tmp folder Thank you Nossum