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  1. Rogue

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Wow. What a brilliant contribution. I just installed the latest version and it worked excellent. The only thing I had trouble with was that my orders were importing as Invoices rather than Sales reciepts. I opened the iif file in excell and my paymethods were indeed blank. Upon further review of my database tables, the: qbi_payosc qbi_payosc_payqb were both empty. I just manually added the relationships and the contribution now works flawlessly. I have checked and rechecked the configuration and I do not believe it would have been possible to configure these from the admin section. Additionally, they did not propogate during the install. The only reason I post is not to gripe but only to help others who may have experienced a similar problem. Thanks again for this wonderful contribution.
  2. Rogue

    QuickBooks Contrib

    Does anyone have any idea how to modify this contribution for MS1? It seems that there have been so many great advancements in this contribution over the original. I would be greatly appreciative to hear from anyone who has implemented this in MS1. Thanks!!!
  3. Rogue

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    I assume I have flat shipping installed. Is this the mod where "green light" flat shipping and set a specific rate, then, when checkout is done it displays "best way" as the shipping option?
  4. Rogue

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    That is a bit more problimatic. I did "uninstall" the old system but didn't delete the pages. I only tried to hit the auction_checkout_shipping because the checkout_shipping kept coming back to the same page. Does anyone know why this would keep coming back to the same page here? Thanks...
  5. Rogue

    eBay Auction Sales Manager 1.0

    I have a slight problem. For some reason when a user attempts to use the auction checkout, they are being directed to checkout_shipping.php rather than auction_checkout_shipping.php. Is this correct? If so, the user can't get past the checkout_shipping.php page. What have I missed? Where do I make the change to force the auction_checkout_shipping.php? Thanks in advance for the help.
  6. Has anyone been able to successfully update this to 2.2MS2? Any help would be appreiciated. Thanks,
  7. Anyone out there? I could really use a little help on this. I can't believe this could have stumped you guys... =) I need to change the default qty from 0 to a predefined qty per item. Example 1 product's default may be a qty of 8, one products default qty may be 10 etc. I'm sure this is as simple as adding a 'products_quantity' field to the product table and modifying the " value="0" " field in the product_listing_multi.php page to pull the info from the table. I'm just not a programmer. Can someone please help me with this? I really appreciate all feedback. Thanks,
  8. Okay.... I can't promise it will be the last but it is certainly the next... question. Can anyone tell me a way to change the default qty for each product to something other than 0? I have a list of products some of which need to be 25 default, some need to be 100 default etc. Any ideas?
  9. Please.. there has to be someone that can help me figure out the code to get the pictures to display properly? Ian? I would really apprecaite any and all help here.... please :D
  10. This is a great contribution. It's almost perfect for our needs. The only thing that I can't figure out is how to add the pictures. Can anyone help me with the code to get the pictures to display? I would really appreciate it.
  11. Has anyone got this working yet? I'm still having the same problem where i can't get any results to show. I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer. I'm running 2.2MS1 and have php 4.1.1. Can anyone help or give feedback on if they have it working partially or fully? Thanks!
  12. I seem to be running into the same issue above and have tried all of the suggested fixes. I'm not sure if twocom got it working but here's my problem (at least one of them :shock: I have installed the contribution but the results don't seem to be coming through. I have tried both safe and unsafe urls. Looking in the db, neither field seems to update (customers_advertiser or customers_referer_url) with either new or existing customers. I've tried everything I know to how. I've installed quite a few contributions and haven't had any problems up to this point so hopefully someone can get me straightened out. Again, I'm using 2.2MS1 and php 4.1.1. My dev site can be viewed at www.laptops-battery.com. Thanks for ANY and ALL help.
  13. Please disregard my post above. I have this particular issue worked out :oops:
  14. Hi All, I have implemented all this contribution and am getting the following error in the registration process - Parse error: parse error in /var/www/html/catalog/create_account_process.php on line 264. Line 264 happens to coincide with 'customers_advertiser' => $advertiser, For us, this would be one of the most important contributions and we would be eternally greatful for any help ANYONE can offer. We are running 2.2MS1 and PHP 4.1.1. You can visit our development site at www.laptops-battery.com. Thanks again for ANY and ALL help.... Jason
  15. Rogue

    [Contribution] CVV2 Info

    We are actually processing offline. Because of the volume of transactions our parent company does, it's significantly cheaper to process that way. Thanks for the code. Sorry for this additional rookie question, but did you have the info pop into a javascript window or did you just launch a new browser window. If it was a javascript window, can you tell me what your old code was? Or can anyone help for that matter?