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  1. how would i set this up and is there a contribution i need? i want some items to be shipped free to the uk but charged to be shipped outside the uk. i want some products to be charged shipping to both the uk and outside the uk depending on weight
  2. this is working great id like to put the post code on a new line when the address is viewed. can this be done? it looks like this at the minute first + last name street address 1 street address 2 city, county/state, post code country id like it like this in both the address the customers see and in the admin section on the invoice and the packing slip first + last name street address 1 street address 2 city, county/state post code country can this be done easily? it sound like an easy mod but im not sure how to do it. thanks
  3. ok thanks, so which one is the best there seems to be quite a few. i dont have ssl all i want to be able to do is let customers checkout with paypal and the order show up as paid or whateve it does in my store. if they can then get directed back to the store thats even better.
  4. thanks for the replies and ill take a look at them 2 contribs they sound good. now for the purchase without an account, do you run into any problems if a customer purchases without an account and then comes back the next day and purchases without an account again? i tried a demo of somebodys on here and i came across a problem with the system saying that my email address was already registered from a previous order. if a customer purchases without an account can you still send them emails as the store owner through the admin section and do they get updates when you change the status of the order from say pending to dispatched? do they also stay in the admin section as a customer even though they dont have an account?
  5. thanks dont you run into errors if a customer uses the checkout without an account and then wants to buy something else say in a day or so? isnt there email address already stored on your site but without an account? once they have purchased without an account can they then create an account? i would have though the best idea would be to have it all in one, they checkout and when it asks for their detials it also asks for email address and a password and creates them an account on the fly without going through extra steps?
  6. hi ive got version 2 setup now. there is a few things not working properly. i cant get the fixed shipping to work. when i create a test putchase that works fine and i include shipping price. when i then login to buy this test auction item and get upto the shipping page i get: This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order. Fixed Global Shipping An error occurred with the shipping calculations. The shipping fees have not been set for one or more products. If you prefer to use this shipping method, please contact the store owner. i have enabled the fixed shipping module but im not sure what to do with this now. i also get a few more errors. when i click on Auction > Auctions Sales > Sales: Checked Out or Sales: Not Checked Out or Sales: All i get an error similar to this one: 1146 - Table 'estest2.paypalipn_txn' doesn't exist select txn_id from paypalipn_auction a, paypalipn_txn p WHERE a.paypalipn_txn_id = p.paypalipn_txn_id AND a.item_number = '1' AND a.auction_buyer_id = 'jimster' AND a.is_old = 0 [TEP STOP] do i have to do some extra work with some sort of paypal module or something? the last thing is that i cant seem to figure out how you would actually post an item to ebay? there doesnt seem to be an option for this. there also doesnt seem to be an option to put in your ebay username or password anywarer do how will the system know how to post items, download items or get any auction details form your auctions what so ever? thanks
  7. hi is there anything wrong with the standard paypal option that comes as standard? why would i want to install a paypal module?
  8. i have seen fast easy checkout and purchase without an account. which seems to be the best and what is the dirrerence between then two?
  9. Hi i have installed this on a fresh install of osCommerce 2.2-MS2. i installed the files from eBay_Auction_Sales_Manager_2.0_OSC.zip which give you a directory of oscommerce 2.2 MS1 or MS2 (new files and manual changes) i followed it exactly and i didnt get any errors, BUT i cant see any difference what so ever in my shop or even in the admin section. i was expecting the auctionboxblox menu at the bottom in the admin section but its not there? i cant actually see any difference in the admin section at all or anything to do with auction manager or ebay? what have i dont wrong? i followed the instructions exactly. i installed the sql file with phpmyadmin then followed the readme file and did it all. im now stuck
  10. hi wow this looks fantastic!!!!! ive just installed my oscommerce shop and i was going to attempt to setup items myself and then send people to my site to get them to add them and checkout. this obviously covers that and much more. can you clear a few things up before i attempt to install this. 1. What versions do i need to install and in what order? do i need to install version 1 first then install version 2? i dont seem to see this info listed? 2. i currently sell on ebay.co.uk and i use ebays seller manager pro. this automates a lot of my auctions like listing, emailing winning buyers, leaves auto feedback etc. will this ebay auction manager work alongside seller manager pro, and if so how does this setup work? now these are for if stop using seller manager pro.....: 3. do you list items via ebay and turbolister or do you list items directly through this ebay auction manager ? 4. if listing can be done through this auction manager can they be scheduled? 5. if listings can be done through this auction manager can they be set to automatic or have any sort of automatic rules applied? 5.1 does this auction manager send automatic winning bidder emails to customer or do you have to send them manually? are they actually sent through this auction manager or are they sent through ebay/seller manager pro? 5.2. how do the customers get the checkout link? is it placed in the auction or is it placed in the winning bidder email sent to the customers, or is it in both? 5.3 if the checkout link is placed in the auction itself, can customers checkout before they win an auction? if so i would assume this violates ebays policies. 5.4 if you mark an item as paid in auction manager, does it automaticaly mark it as paid in ebay? the same question for dispatched also. 5.5 if everything is done through this auction manager software, what things cant be done through this software and what do you actually have to log into ebay to do? i assume you have to to pay sellers fees but what else? 6. i offer items on ebay with set shipping fees specific to that product. this is an example. item1: buy price of 6.99 with shipping of 2.99. item 2: buy price of 1.99 shipping of 1.99. if a person buys the two i would want them to pay the full price and the full price of both shipping, i dont combine shipping. is this workable? 7. if customers buy other products i need them to pay full price of which i mean price and shipping. what i mean is, if customer wins the auction for item1, then browses my site and adds in item2 directly from my website i still want them to pay the full price as above for both item. will this work? 8. can you set items that work for ebay only and then other items? what i mean is if i set ebay only items, a customer can win an auction for item1 at 6.99 + 2.99 shipping, then the customer could brows the site and find item2 listed at 4.98 without a shipping fee and add this to the cart. if i cant do this i would have to list all items on ebay with free shipping then all the items on my website would be priced correctly. sorry for all the questions but this really does look like what ive been after for ages. it will stop all the silly emails asking for payment detials and will let me keep track of everyting much better and speed things up no end :)
  11. can you limit payment methods to different countries as standard or is there a module to install? i want UK customers to be able to pay with paypal, nochex, moneybookers, pppay.com, cash, cheques, postal orders but countries outside the uk to only be able to pay with paypal, moneybookers and pppay, but not nochex, cash, postal orders or cheques.