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  1. needmorebeerformewallaby

    Secpay opening in a new window

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible for secpay to stay inside the oscommerce store and not open in a new window? I managed to get this working with frames but it is not very practical sadly. Has anyone got any ideas? Thanks.
  2. needmorebeerformewallaby

    Secpay test status TEST:9999

    As far as i know it is UK based only but if you have a look on www.secpay.com there maybe other payment options as i think they do one for europe. Hope this helps.
  3. needmorebeerformewallaby

    [contribution] CGDiscountSpecials

    Does anyone know how to get the discount to show on the invoice? What i am looking for is, Cost without discount Cost with discount P&P Total This is an excellent contrib, just hope i can get it to show on the invoice and checkout_confirmation.php Thanks.
  4. needmorebeerformewallaby

    HelpDesk For osCommerce

    Does anyone know if there is anyway to get this addon to work without the imap_open file? My provide will not install this in there php :( I have got it to work on my own server but what i am really looking for is another way of getting the email into the sql database without using imap_open. Thanks.
  5. needmorebeerformewallaby

    Transaction Mode In Secpay

    Hi York, You can change it to production mode in the admin console by going to the payment section where the secpay module is located. Hope this helps.
  6. needmorebeerformewallaby

    Secpay test status TEST:9999

    Hi, Can some please confirm if i am getting TEST:9999 on the auth/mess page on secpay using always sucessfull mode on Oscommerce, does this mean the module is working ok with secpay and it is ok to start taking live payments? Thank You.
  7. needmorebeerformewallaby

    Transaction Mode In Secpay

    Thanks Kevin for your reply, its much appericated.
  8. needmorebeerformewallaby

    Transaction Mode In Secpay

    Hi Everyone, Can someone tell me the differnces between the settings on transactions mode in the secpay module? Can anyone tell me what the production setting is used for? I have my site set to always sucessfull at the minute however i am not sure if this is correct or not? Any advice would be great! Thank You..
  9. needmorebeerformewallaby

    [Contribution] HTML WYSIWYG Editor for Product Desc, MS1 2.2

    Wizz, You are a STAR! Spent ages trying to work out how to fix this. Thank you so much! :o)
  10. needmorebeerformewallaby

    [Contribution] HTML WYSIWYG Editor for Product Desc, MS1 2.2

    Hi all, I am running WYSIWYG Editor 1.6 as i have not been able to upgrade to 1.7 due to an SQL problem. I am having problems with the insert image option as i am using a sharred SSL. When click on inesert image i get a window saying this page contains secure and nonsecure items. If i click ok it will load however i can not access the image directory. I have set the images folder in catalog to chmod 777 but i still can not access it. Has anyone got any ideas of what it could be and what i need to change? I have a feeling it is to do with the SSL but im not a 100% sure as i`ve only just started learning php about 2 weeks ago Thanks..
  11. needmorebeerformewallaby

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Hi, Does anyone know why i am getting a error 404 when clicking on the print invoice button from the my account section? Thanks