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  1. NigelDeEthiopia

    Discounts By Location

    Does anyone know of a module where one can apply a discount to a product if the customer is in a certain location? I want to be able to offer discounts by county. I.E. My product might have a 10% discount in one county while no discount in another. I have thought of two ways without a location - simply adding a county discount attribute or creating county specific product. Is there any other way? For this still allows for anyone to enter and order products from a location that does not apply to them still receive certain benefits from other locations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nick
  2. NigelDeEthiopia

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    Hi everyone, I installed Ultimate SEO URLS v2.1 on my website... I followed the instructions step by step 3 times and still can not get it too work... On my main page the links look like they are supposed to... When I follow say a category link it takes me to the category page but the design and images don't show up... Its like it refuses to place the correct image paths and doesn't want to recognize my stylesheet... The shop works fine without Ultimate SEO installed but I would like to have it installed... Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be wrong? Thanks Nick
  3. NigelDeEthiopia

    Credit Card email

    How about this? Is there a way to delay the processing of a credit card order for a week or two? What is happening is when someone orders they order a custom made item. I don't want to process the cc number until the item has been made to the customers specifications. Is there a way to delay the credit card processing? Thanks, Nick
  4. NigelDeEthiopia

    Credit Card email

    Hi everyone, I've been working on a site and need to have a payment module that just sends the credit card information to the owner email so that they can process it. They do not want online processing. Don't know why but that's what they want. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel I was wondering if there was a payment module that doesn't process the credit card but sends it to the owner via email. If not I'll just write one. Thanks, Nick
  5. NigelDeEthiopia

    Credit Card Information

    Hi everyone, I am posting my site up soon and I want to be able to accept credit cards... Problem is I have no idea which credit card modules do what... Can someone briefly explain the basic cc modules or provide a link for me to read... Also I may just want to have the cc number sent to me via email so that I can just verify/process the credit card myself... is there a way to do that? Thanks Nick