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  1. I tried the same thing and no matter how I formatted the negative number it would turn it into an added amount instead of a subtracted amount. When I created the negative/subtraction within my store on one item, it worked properly. So I downloaded that item (and all the others) with EP. I thought that by copying the exact cell for the price into all the other items it would carry over properly when I uploaded it all back into my store - I thought wrong. It changed all the items (including the one that had originally worked properly) so that they added the price. I think I tried every combination of + and - signs in every way possible. I could never get it to end up with a subtraction in the end.
  2. Excellent! My easypopulate.php was defaulting to semicolon delimited. I had not changed this setting, so apparently the downloaded file is set this way (even though it says in the comment code that tab delimited is the default setting). The tab delimited line was commented out in my file and the semicolon delimited line was active. Thanks so much for the fast response - now I can proceed!!
  3. I don't know if this will help anyone - but I was getting the double slash lines error (as indicated in some prior posts) in my error messages that indicated the file or directory could not be found. I had created a TEMP folder in the Catalog folder. And then I had edited the easypopulate.php lines to read: $tempdir = "/catalog/temp/"; $tempdir2 = "/catalog/temp/"; Well it was doubling up the catalog portion of the address and looking for catalog//catalog/temp..... So I changed the lines to: $tempdir = "/temp/"; $tempdir2 = "/temp/"; And it works great!! Good luck.
  4. I am just getting the Easy Populate up and running and figuring it all out. It appears to be working as it should, however when I download the text file, save it, and then open it in Excel (tab-delimited), all of the data for all of the columns is actually in the first column (column A). So I can not hide any columns. And if I copy an existing line to create new lines, in order to edit any of the info (image file, category name, product name, etc.) I have to just replace that little piece of text within the one huge long cell. Makes it much more difficult to add a large number of items (which I need to do)!! I would think that every single field should be in a cell by itself - correct? Am I not selecting some option correctly when opening it in Excel? I open the file and get the Text Import Wizard (Step 1) where I make sure DELIMITED is the data type. Next screen (step 2) I make sure that TAB is the checkmarked delimiter. The only other thing marked on this screen is the text qualifier (and it is a quotation mark) - I left that as is. Next screen (step 3) I leave the Column Data Format selection at GENERAL. Then I finish. I have copied the first three rows directly from my file below (the header row and 2 product rows). So for row one, the entire text is in Cell A1; row two, all the text is in A2; row three, in A3. Row One: v_products_model;v_products_image;v_products_name_1;v_products_description_1;v_p roducts_url_1;v_products_price;v_products_weight;v_date_avail;v_date_added;v_prod ucts_quantity;v_attribute_options_id_1;v_attribute_options_name_1_1;v_attribute_v alues_id_1_1;v_attribute_values_name_1_1_1;v_attribute_values_price_1_1;v_attribu te_values_id_1_2;v_attribute_values_name_1_2_1;v_attribute_values_price_1_2;v_att ribute_values_id_1_3;v_attribute_values_name_1_3_1;v_attribute_values_price_1_3;v _attribute_options_id_2;v_attribute_options_name_2_1;v_attribute_values_id_2_1;v_ attribute_values_name_2_1_1;v_attribute_values_price_2_1;v_attribute_values_id_2_ 2;v_attribute_values_name_2_2_1;v_attribute_values_price_2_2;v_attribute_values_i d_2_3;v_attribute_values_name_2_3_1;v_attribute_values_price_2_3;v_manufacturers_ name;v_categories_name_1;v_categories_name_2;v_categories_name_3;v_tax_class_titl e;v_status;EOREOR Row Two: 0001;Dolphins_001.jpg;Dolphin_001;;;14.95;0.00;;2005-10-27 16:27:09;0;2;Size;1;8 x 10;;2;11 x 14;19.9500;3;13 x 19;24.9500;3;Type;7;Premium Luster;;8;Velvet Fine Art;;9;Download;;;Dolphins;;;--none--;Active;EOREOR Row Three: 0002;Dolphins_002.jpg;Dolphin_002;;;30;0.00;;2005-10-27 16:28:22;0;2;Size;1;8 x 10;;2;11 x 14;;3;13 x 19;;3;Type;7;Premium Luster;;8;Velvet Fine Art;;9;Download;;;Dolphins;;;--none--;Active;EOREOR[/i][/i] If anyone has any suggestions, it will be well worth my time to wait for some help before I try adding in 600 more rows!! Thanks, Kerry
  5. I will be selling photographic prints. I would like to be able to configure things so that if a person buys 2 prints (size 13" x 19"), they get 1 free 8" x 10" print. Is there a way to configure the shopping cart so that it can see when the conditions have been met to receive a free print (2 prints ordered 13" x 19")? And when the image for the 8 x 10 print is chosen, the price in the shopping cart is $0.00 for that print? I would NOT want the condition to be met if 2 prints of any other size are ordered. (example: if the customer orders one 8x10 and one 13x19 print - the conditions for the free 8x10 have not been met). Thanks, Kerry
  6. kerryv

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    Yes!!! It works - I now have multiple columns!! Stew - your info guided me to my database and all the areas I need in order to access it. I NEVER would have found this area on my own! Thanks for your quick help. And per the previous post - I definitely will backup before making any changes to files or database. Thanks!
  7. kerryv

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    Thanks Stew, I will dig into this today and see what I can see! Your guidance should give me a good start. If I get stuck on a particular point I'll post a more specific question about it. Thanks again! Kerry
  8. kerryv

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    I am new to osCommerce, but am setting up my first store. The only thing that I absolutely have to have is the multiple columns - so I downloaded the contribution and have been reading all about it. I understand HTML, but am learning PHP and MySQL right now. My cart is with Netfirms so I can make changes to the files directly (don't need to upload and download...) Anyway - I have what is probably a really really dumb question as to how to make this contribution work. I understand the instructions from the text file from #2 onward - basically finding code and certain files and adding to it or editing it. BUT, I don't know how to "do" the first step: 1. First off, the database change. Run the included list_multi.sql file Do I place this file somewhere in the file structure for my cart and then just execute it? Or, if I do the OR section below - is the entire text supposed to be copied into a file or what am I supposed to do with it (and where am I supposed to do it)? OR INSERT INTO configuration (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added) VALUES ('Display Add Multiples column', 'PRODUCT_LIST_MULTIPLE', '0', 'Do you want to display the Multiple Quantity with Attributes column?', '8', '11', now()); INSERT INTO configuration (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, date_added) VALUES ('Display Add Multiples with Buy Now column', 'PRODUCT_LIST_BUY_NOW_MULTIPLE', '0', 'Do you want to display the Multiple Quantity Buy Now with Attributes column?', '8', '12', now()); Be careful with this one. If you have made changed to your configuration table, the "11" and "12" for sort_order will have to change depending on the last item with the configuration_group_id of "8" I think if I can get past this first step I may be OK :blush: I'm definitely willing to learn and give it a shot. Thanks so much. Kerry