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  1. squalid

    What do you think is happening with my customer?

    customer is probably trying to register a new account with paypal instead of logging into old one
  2. squalid

    Help Needed with Setting Weight on Shipping

    well you dont need the zones.php if using prod rate - so uninstall yes the prod rate will add at checkout you can add something in product info that will display the delivery price in the info
  3. squalid

    Help Needed with Setting Weight on Shipping

    its only another delivery module - and so you should be able to just add in regardless of existing contributions
  4. squalid

    Help Needed with Setting Weight on Shipping

    yes, it works, and works for zones and it is well easier than weight i have done it in my store by adding in a second and third weight field - so when inserting product info - i can add in three prices - for UK europe and ROW
  5. squalid

    Help Needed with Setting Weight on Shipping

    have you checked the tare weight in the configuration ?
  6. there is a mod that already does this, table rate by count but suppose you wont be intrested now
  7. squalid

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    and if anyone is bored with nothing to do and fancies tackling the above for me - i will show my gratitude via Paypal
  8. squalid

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    has anyone found a way of refreshing the orders.php once the confirm button is pressed and also, passing over the updated orders status to the customer emails - at the moment they get sent out -but says new status: and not inserting the status. any pointers would be appreciated
  9. any chance of showing that ? i have tried the fix above and amended it - but got an error :(
  10. squalid

    Need Some Help On A Shipping Module

    did you run the sql ? Run this sql on your database ALTER TABLE `orders` ADD `shipdate` VARCHAR( 10 ) NOT NULL ;
  11. squalid

    Using Switch / Debit Cards

    http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=261326 have you read this ?
  12. .productListing-heading a{ font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 10px; color: #000000; background-color: #DFFFDF; font-weight: bold; } just a stab in the dark , but my css for a links work as above - so try that with the background url, also when i am testing new css styles - say as above, i would make the a link text colour bright red so i can see that they are actually being taken from the changes i have made and i havent inherited them from somewhere else
  13. .productListing-heading in stylesheet
  14. squalid

    Paypal rip off ?

    i doubt that paypal are trying to rip you off :huh: but check that you havent got delivery prices already set up with paypal that are interferring with shop rules
  15. reread jack mcs's reply. you could also install master password to see what was in customers basket http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...master+password