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  1. Chris, Do you really fully understand the original code I wrote for SDS?
  2. [contribution] Super Download Store

    It's very hard to tell why those glitches happened. Could be the server, the clients' browsers, bad connections...etc, but I don't think it's a bug since it works most of the time. How did you add those free orders? That's really odd that Paypal Pro works but not Paypal Express. Can't tell what went wrong by reading your posts. This SDS add-on is simply an enhanced version of the stock download module, it has nothing to do with payments. I have no idea why this can happen, but it sounds like a file type issue. Packing those .swf files as .zip or .rar will eliminate your problem.
  3. [contribution] Super Download Store

    that's the problem, please follow the instruction carefully. Splitting large files into file groups is the method SDS designed to get around the timeout issue.
  4. [contribution] Super Download Store

    probably something wrong in your downloads module.
  5. [contribution] Super Download Store

    Sorry that I'm not able to answer all your questions, but here are my two cents: PayPal would be a cheap solution for newbie store owners to get start with, that's all. As your business grows, so as your payment volume does, the PayPal website payment standard service may no longer "fits" your need. People don't like to look at a bunch of payment options when they're going to spend money on your site, nor even worse, sign-up again at PayPal before they can actually make the payment. It has to be as easy and simple as possible to prevent losing sells.
  6. [contribution] Super Download Store

    That sounds like an orders status issue, you probably have undefined orders status in your orders history table.
  7. [contribution] Super Download Store

    Currently the file groups will show up even without any file assigned. I'll put this in the list for future update if I have a chance to work on this contrib again. For the time being, please remember to assign at least one file for each group. I don't know what's wrong with your installation which caused the download showed twice. If the download was logged in the database twice, it must be in the checkout_process.php, otherwise it could be the downloads module.
  8. [contribution] Super Download Store

    The WPP module by Dynamoeffects does not require any modification.
  9. [contribution] Super Download Store

    There is something wrong in your catalog/admin/includes/database_tables.php and catalog/includes/database_tables.php, the definitions of the new tables are probably missing.
  10. [contribution] Super Download Store

    for the "save as" dialog box to show up every time in most browsers, yes this is necessary. It's either your connection speed, or the ftp upload limits of you host. 6 buttons.
  11. [contribution] Super Download Store

    It's been a very long time since my last php coding. As I know about osCommerce (back to MS2 060817 release) the cart can be 'virtual', 'physical' and 'mix'. The code in shopping_cart.php decides the content type not by the weight, but the assigned filename for downloads. If there is no item with a download file assigned, it will be 'physical'. If every item has a filename assigned for download, it will be 'virtual'. SDS is simply an enhancement for the stock download feature in osCommerce, it has nothing to do with shipping nor payment modules. When using a payment module which does not require customers leaving the store to make the payments and capable of updating orders status when payments completed, there is no need to modify the payment module to work with SDS. The only problem selling both tangible and intangible items using SDS would be the orders status issue. Actually it is a problem of osCommerce itself. In RC2a a flag for downloads has been added to get rid of the non-paid download accesses problems, there for the approach of downloads controller (orders status stuff) could be obsolete.
  12. [contribution] Super Download Store

    Did you try this instruction? Set File Group to "No File Group" AND add a filename to the Filename field. I don't quite understand your question here. The file size only shown with the download link when it's available for download. If you want to show it somewhere else, you need to add some code to do the job. You probably have done something wrong while installation but I can't tell what it is. If you have a backup you can restore everything and do it again carefully. Otherwise I don't know how to help.
  13. [contribution] Super Download Store

    Please pack large files (over 120MB) with RAR or ZIP and split them into smaller chunks, then put the chunks into a filegroup. The most simple way would be the large file solution, just pack the files into smaller chunks. You don't need to create a sub folder for each file. One sub folder for all will do the trick. SDS has nothing to do with it. That's the difference between regular PayPal and PayPal IPN. The downloads will be available automatically when PayPal IPN and SDS setup correctly.
  14. [contribution] Super Download Store

    I believe that you have mixed up this contribution with something else. The instruction in the package is install.html, please find it and read it thoroughly. Adding watermark on the fly during download is possible, but you need a flag in the database to decide which files require the extra process.
  15. [contribution] Super Download Store

    The last version of osCommerce which SDS v1.1 has been developed on and tested OK is 2.2 MS2 060817 release. There are several compatibility issues with later osCommerce "candidate" releases, and I'm still waiting for the "final" or "official" release to come out.