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  1. hannahv

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hi David, I tried adding the Multi Stores code into application_top.php one chunk at a time. The last bit of the MS amendments calls functions/administrators.php. This seems to be the bit that sends the browser in circles as without it the login page loads (though of course doesn't work, but at least it's closer). So I started to have a look at functions/administrators.php. Line 61 has a references to "global $PHP_SELF", which is one of those nice bits that doesn't work without register_globals being switched on. I did a bit of searching on the web & trawled up a couple of alternative formats (eg $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] & $HTTP_SERVER_VAR['PHP_SELF'] ) but they still caused a parse problem at line 61. Also (randomly, cos you never know) just tried deleting the "global" & the "global $" bit, as I'd noticed that application_top (or somewhere, machine crashed before I'd noted it) had declared a "PHP_SELF" variable. I'm happy to do all the legwork of tracking down of the bits of code that needs changing, but as you can no doubt tell I'm no PHP coder so would need some guidance as to what to change it to - anybody got any ideas? Cheers H
  2. hannahv

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hi dsamis, Just to let you know that I've tried deliberately putting in an error in admin/includes/application_top.php & the browser does pick that up, so I know things are in the right place. I've had two possible ideas on what might be causing the problem - might it either be that something is being called that relies on register_globals being on, or might it be something to do with the code block that has been moved in the Multi Shops version of admin/includes/application_top.php? I've tried fiddling around with admin/includes/application_top.php & admin/login.php using the register_globals workaround of declaring variables in the $_REQUEST["foo"] format as opposed to the $foo format, but I'm no php person & I'm not really sure when/where I should be using it. Anyway, the variations I've tried have not had any noticeable effects at all. (this was mentioned in a ream of code posted in Post #13 of the "install crashes at step 2" thread in installation & support) I'm now about to see if moving the code block back to it's original position has any effect, will let you know. Cheers H BTW, my hosting company runs MySQL 4.1.10-standard & PHP Version 4.3.11 and I'm still getting the issue... fun!
  3. hannahv

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Hi all, I guess I'll start by asking if anyone has managed to get this contrib working with register_globals off? I know it's been asked before but I can't find any responses. Having played around with OSC for a few weeks, I came to the conclusion the other day that this contrib might be just what I was looking for, so I have deleted my previous installation (though kept my install notes) so I could start again properly. I've just installed the latest version of this contrib over a fresh install of OSC, and then hand inserted the changes suggested in the register_globals contrib. Once the register_globals contrib was in, I uploaded everything & ran the install. Then I ran update.sql included in this contrib - all worked great. I have double checked my configure.php files so many times I'll probably be repeating them in my sleep, and they all look fine. I have no problem with getting to my catalog, and no products show (as expected) but when I try to access any admin page my browser goes nuts trying to get to the admin login page & then returns the following error: CGI Error The specified CGI application misbehaved by not returning a complete set of HTTP headers I have also made a few mods to things like english.php & address files to convert OSC to UK English, but that's all the mods I have done so far on this install. Any ideas? I getting seriously doolally trying to figure out what going on. My specific install method was as follows: 1. download & unpack os commerce files to the local machine 2. overwrite with contents of UK-Based osCommerce 2.2 3. overwrite with contents of multi stores contribution, except: a. catalog/create_account.php: i. insert line 172 from contribution ii. overwrite lines 213 to ?//restore cart contents? b. catalog/includes/language/English.php i. insert line 168 from contribution (change ?Inquiry? to ?Enquiry?) ii. insert line 265 from contribution iii. insert line 319 from contribution iv. make any other ?UK English? changes to this file if required (eg ?Catalogue?, ?Special Offers?, ?New Products?, footer text. c. Catalog/admin/includes/language/English.php i. insert line 73 from contribution ii. insert lines 80-84 from contribution iii. overwrite line 88 from contribution iv. insert lines 90-94 from contribution v. insert lines 127-136 from contribution vi. insert lines 210-216 from contribution vii. insert line 265 from contribution viii. insert lines 293-294 from contribution ix. insert line 304 from contribution x. insert line 325 from contribution xi. insert line 331 from contribution xii. insert lines 335-343 from contribution xiii. make any other ?UK English? changes to this file if required (eg ?Catalogue?, ?Special Offers?, ?New Products?, footer text. 4. overwrite with contents of register_globals patch zip (from Contributions), except: a. catalog/includes/ application_top.php i. replace lines 19-23 with lines 19-24 from contribution b. catalog/includes/classes/order.php i. insert lines 26-33 from contribution c. catalog/includes/functions/general.php i. replace lines 245-247 with lines 245-249 from contribution ii. insert lines 1264-1292 from contribution before end ?> tag. d. catalog/admin/includes/ application_top.php i. replace lines 19-23 with lines 19-24 from contribution e. catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php i. replace line 303 from contribution ii. insert lines 1318-1346 from contribution before end ?> tag. 5. upload via ftp 6. run install 7. access the Administration tool 8. manually configure catalog/includes/configure.php & catalog/admin/includes/configure.php to reflect correct URLs etc & set Store_session to 'mysql' 9. Run update.sql from Multi Stores Contribution I carried on to step 9 in case that was my issue, but to no avail. Any help very gratefully received, & the speedier the better: I've taken time off work to get OSC running and everything uploaded & I'm rapidly running out of time. Cheers H