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  1. shopaholicjapan

    X-sell v2.3 syntax error showing

    Drako, Thanks for the feedback. Turns out the folders in root never had ownership assigned. After assigning ownership I deleted the folders and files within and all is good. Regards, SHJ :thumbsup:
  2. Hi all, I installed X-sell v2.3 a few weeks ago and all was well. I have it running on a few products in prep for a site wide link up. However, with 2 of my products only I get the following syntax error when displaying them... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' in /home/xbggnxmw/public_html/cache/50/1-0.php on line 7 This is for one product and the other product pulls from cache/50/... I tried to change permissions, even delete the file and folder but get a time out message and no changes. I have also unchecked the X-sell links to these products (they show unchecked) but still get the error. Any ideas or directions on this wee problem? Kind regards, SHJ
  3. shopaholicjapan

    Looking for a sales report that can do this

    Tsuri-baka, This may be what you are looking for. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3161 SHJ :thumbsup:
  4. Jack, Thanks for the reply. I did as you advised, even rewrote the sql but no go. Is it OK to hard code the headers for my problem pages? Seems the only way to go at this point. Cheers, SHJ :huh:
  5. Hi all, I had this great contrib working fine until I accidently did something in Delete a New Page in Admin. I now have my store front and Whats New showing HEAD_TITLE_TAG_DEFAULT in the title bar. Where/how can I get this back to the original? Any info appreciated. Regards, SHJ :-"
  6. shopaholicjapan

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Please ignore this post. Found that I didnt have mysql entered in admin/includes/configure.php Cheers, SHJ ;)
  7. shopaholicjapan

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hi all again, Had an easy install. The contrib looks great and very informative. I have noticed that when I add products to MY shopping cart to buy that nothing is listed in the shopping cart section on the right hand side of WOE. My friend who installed this contrib yesterday can see it on his shop site admin. Any ideas? Regards, SHJ :thumbsup:
  8. shopaholicjapan

    Default payment to my currency

    Hi all, Hope all is well your end. As I sell worldwide I get payments from custies in different currencies. Is there a contrib that will force the payment currency to my home currency? Is this worth doing at all? Regards, SHJ PS another 37C day tomorrow...crikes.
  9. shopaholicjapan

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Sweet contrib. Worked on first install. Remember to add both sql snippets. Thanks to all the authors. SHJ :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  10. shopaholicjapan

    Set shipping based on price

    Hi again, The learning curve recently is incredible... Now, I am in the process of arranging to have products shipped directly from vendors. The first vendor onboard ships based on order total price. I am wondering where to start... Should I install say MVS-V1.1 and then a flat charge shipping from there? Any info greatly appreciated. Cheers from Japan-side, SHJ :D
  11. shopaholicjapan

    Force shipping method

    Hi all, Currently, I ship both EMS and SAL and have a line of products coming that I wish to ship by EMS only. Im looking for a contrib that will allow me to set (force) the shipping method that will be applied to these products. Anyone know of a contrib or way to do this? Regards, SHJ :)
  12. shopaholicjapan

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hi All, I was running this Contrib successfully until the GoogleBase changes. I went through and made the necessary changes to admin/froogle.php and all is uploading without errors. ***Change $ftp_server = "hedwig.google.com" ; ***to $ftp_server = "uploads.google.com" ; ***Change $output = "product_url t name t description t price t image_url t category t offer_id"; ***to $output = "link t title t description t price t image_link t label t id"; Remember to back up back up back up, just in case. Have also added this to the Contrib @ http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3876 Hope this helps someone out there. Regards, SHJ
  13. shopaholicjapan

    Number of Products per Page

    Posting location mistake. Pls disregard. Cheers, SHJ :blush:
  14. Pls disregard this entry.
  15. shopaholicjapan

    Number of Products per Page

    Hi, I installed AP4.4 and when I view I get a long run of all products on 1 page. My friend also installed the same PA4.4 in his shop and when viewed just shows 20 entries per page with next>>> at the bottom. Why the difference? How, where can I set the products per page number? Regards, SHJ :o