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  1. Hey all- I've been on a long hiatus from the boards, mainly owing to my "real" job, and getting my site to a functioning level. I've had a lot of requests and questions regarding the Virtual Mall contrib, so I am in the process of making it compatible with MS1. As soon as that is done, I'll upload it with a little bit better documentation as well. :D Aodhan
  2. Fixed the minor bug noted in the virtual mall thread. Previously entered products did not automatically select the store in the drop down box when editing them in the admin section. This contains the updated instructions to make this happen. Aodhan
  3. Ian- Have you made this as a contribution? I can't find it in the downloads... If not, what is the code needed? I've gone through a couple threads, but there are different parts and I want to make sure that I have it all. Aodhan
  4. Aodhan

    what can quickbooks mod do for you!

    Here's a constructive response. RTFM. From the description of the mod itself: Further reading of the description reveals this little nugget of information. There...a description of what it does, a warning that it may not work correctly, and a "help if you can" statement. All that in two little paragraphs. Oh, and looky here...an email address to where you could ask the author directly : management@betterthannature.com Aodhan
  5. Aodhan

    Login Box w/My Account v5.0

    "MOOFY"?!?! Hmmm...I've been looking Linda, and I can't find this in the PHP docs...is this a technical term? :lol: :lol: :lol: Aodhan
  6. Aodhan

    Custom fields in product database

    What about this...add a table that consists of say...5 fields, search_one, search_two, etc. Make it available in the admin, and be able to define up to 5 (or whatever) search terms, and when a search is done, go through all fields in that table to find matches. You can rank by number of fields matched, etc. You can add the search terms at the same time you enter products, or from an import if available. This way there are no other table changes that need to be made, the search can be made in it's own page, and the impact on the rest of the setup is minimal. Aodhan
  7. Aodhan

    Hi ! Zip

    Maybe he took your toad-licking suggestion seriously? :D Aodhan
  8. Aodhan

    contributions list by date

    Heh. I was just about to post that....seems I'm a bit slow today. Aodhan
  9. Aodhan

    contributions list by date

    Heh. I had thought the same thing. I'd also like to see a d/l count. I'd be interested in that to find out how popular my mod might be. (Ok, ok, so it's an ego boost... :lol:) Aodhan
  10. Aodhan

    Virtual Mall Setup released

    Sure. Install it and go. :D Seriously, if you want to send me an email address, I can set up two sample shops with that email address and a user with it, and you can see the three different email addresses it would generate. I don't have a live site up yet, I am still a few weeks away. I'm lining up my initial "test" vendors and creating the look/feel at the moment. Aodhan
  11. Aodhan

    Virtual Mall Setup released

    I basically developed it for my own use, what I am doing is hosting stores for other people. So person A, person B, and person C have their own businesses but no web site. This allows me to host their stores for them, and have one single checkout whether or not they buy from multiple stores on my site. Site owner and customer get an email showing all purchases, and each store owner gets an email showing purchases from their store. You disburse payments, and they ship items. Site owner charges hosting fees, setup fees, what-have-you. You can also adapt it to use with drop shippers, and have emails automatically sent to your drop ship suppliers. Aodhan
  12. Aodhan

    Virtual Mall Setup released

    Thanks! I think I am finally just a couple weeks from my site going live...this was the big hurdle I had to get over. Aodhan
  13. Aodhan

    Contribution Philosophy

    Ian Davis has a snapshot that he maintains with 10 or so mods. Do a search through his posts and you should find the link. Aodhan
  14. Ok, after much tweaking and playing, the beta release of my virtual mall system is released. It is in the "Other" section of the contributions, under Virtual Mall v1.0. This is the first release, and it is not intended for existing stores. I created it to start with for new installs. The code changes are there and should work for exisiting stores, but you will have to go in and modify the mySql tables and data by hand. Hope you all enjoy it! Aodhan
  15. Aodhan

    Wishlist Database Error

    Are you running version 1.1b? http://www.oscommerce.com/downloads.php/co...ions,647/type,3 Evidently there were some typos causing database errors in 1.1 Aodhan