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  1. I have installed the viaKLIX gateway module and after a couple of rounds of trying different account numbers to eliminate error messages I am finally getting the following error message... An Error Occurred Number : 2 Message : A required field was not supplied in the authorization request. Zip/Postal Code (ssl_avs_zip) I have tried searching for this error in the forums but with no luck. Anyone have an answer???? All help is greatly appreciated!!! TBMak PS - I have tried switching from Test mode to production mode as well. not luck!
  2. TBMak

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Well, speaking as a very impatient "help vampire" let me apologize to anyone I may have offended by asking a few simple questions. I know you have not seen my name very often in these forums. I mostly try to spend my time do my own research. But after 5 days (and nights) of searching for the answers I ran across post that asked a few of the same questions I had. The post was 4 days old and no one else had responded to it so I figured in responding I could help another person in need of the same information. I did not realize it would cause such a great ruckous and let me apologize once again for that. Had I not been under a great deadline and completly unable to focus my eyes or brain any longer I would have tried to continue my search on my own for at least a few more days before posting. Did I mention that I DID try to read the posts - Maybe not all of them but I started somewhere around the Jan 05. Did I also mention that I DID read the manual before I posted... If you look back at the original questions the person mentions getting UPS order numbers..... Yes, the manual states that is gets prices and you are correct nothing more, nothing less. But if you had a bit of insight to share into next possible steps that would be appreciated. The information for the log was very useful and thank you for that information. I was trying to over think a very simple process. And just for the record I DID go back through the previous posts to correct the 4 different error messages I received after I installed the module. I know the folks that post here are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts and are not paid to do this. I also know we are not talking about 2 or 3 questions a day either. I respect that very much!!! Not everyone can do that. I do not mean to make light of it in any way. You guys do a great deal to help everyone get through their problems but also help to give us more options for this software. PRICELESS!! Maybe my posting that I needed the information yesterday ruffled some feathers. Again I apologize for that. That was actually a true statement and concidering the guy who posted the questions first looked like he had been waiting for 4 days - I was just hoping to get the information before I needed to catch a flight. But you also have to concider that the person on the other end of the question may have just spend the last 5 days searching for their specific question instead of sleeping or spending time with their kids or something else that might have actually paid them. You really don't know. I have seen the same general question asked at least 3 different ways and answered in at least 3 different ways. Not everyone asks the question the same or reads (understands) the answer the same. Sometimes the answers may be simple to a very common questions but not all of us have the "insider" knowledge - i.e - the removal of the UPS Module from basic cart. That information may have also been in a small post way back in Nov of 2005 that when I was scanning through for information somewhere my eyes may have glazed over for a second and I missed it because I was concentrating on a certain question at the time and that wasn't my answer. Yes, it might have been there and Yes, I might have missed it. Doesn't mean I didn't try!! Ever have one of those days?? There are a lot of answers out there to find and believe me I have found a lot of answers. I have also created a few new questions as well. I do try to find my answers on my own but sometimes I have to ask for directions. I am a Chick - I can do that!! Thank you for your (tried) patience and (forced) understanding!! Please believe it is greatly appreciated!! TB Mak
  3. After looking al of this over I am very interested in this as an add on for my site. I am, however, a novice so I was wondering if someone could give me a bit more handholding and information as far as what file all this code goes into and if there is a specific place int he file, etc. Be gentle, I am just learning!! Thank you very much!!
  4. TBMak

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I would like to know as well!!! Also, I have tried to set up a log so I can verify the info to/from UPS as well as an error log and for the life of me I can not figure it out. I have the log activated in upsxmal.php - my issue is with creating a log file. How ans where do i need to do this?? More how then where actually! Any help would be appreciated!! Did I mention I need this information - Yesterday :'( PS - If you are using the UPS XML contribution can you (or should you) be using the UPS Worldship as well???