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  1. Done! I just needed a little push:-) My problem was that I was opening authorize.net.crt with a default program, so it came as a certificate window. So Opened With Crimson Edit, and it was a text file, which I replaced with yours. Enabled Verify SSL, tested API server connection: Live Server: https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll Success! Thank you!
  2. Quoting: "You have to update your certificate file. I meant to post this last Friday and forgot. I have this in ext/modules/payment/authorizenet/authorize.net.crt" Can someone enlighten me on HOW to update the authorize.net.crt file? I see the certificates posted in this thread as text, and the authorize.net.crt is a special type certificate file. Authorize.net module stopped working a couple of weeks ago, and I had to set Verify SSL Certificate to False in order for it to work (connect). Verify SSL Certificate is used to be set to True. Some questions: 1. this SSL certificate in Authorize.net module - is it authorize.net.crt? 2. If yes. how to I (step by step) update this file with the text cert posted here 3. If no, where is this SSL Certificate and how do I update it? Thank you!
  3. I have the latest USPS shipping modul einstalled and it generally works well. I had no problem with orders and shipping internationally, but a customer from South Korea could not check out, I tested this myself and see that no postage option come up at all (normally I have Priority and Express). So there is nothing to select. This is probably some mismatch with teh country code in the USPS module and on the USPS server. can anybody help me checking and fixing this? Thank you!
  4. No, I checked this myself, made an entry in my (test) address book for Republic of Korea, and saw the problem - no shipping options come up at checkout. and I think USPS does ship to both Koreas, at least in theory
  5. I just did a clean installation of 2.3.3, but its own USPS shipping module does not work - only shows Library rate and only for US. I understand I need to install a add-on mdule, but there are several versions in the directory, some are not complete installations. can someone point me to a clean working USPS module? I do not need any fancy features, just basic stuff for US and international shipping, small selection - First class, Priority and Express. Thank you!
  6. Just a follow-up - hosting moved the account to a new server with PHP5+, everything works well
  7. Hello, I just installed USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 in fresh installation of 2.3.3 Admin works fine, but when I go to checkout I get this Fatal error: Call to undefined function: htmlspecialchars_decode() in /home/............./catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php on line 293 The store is running on a server with PHP version 4.4.9 Any clues? Thank you!
  8. Found a good contribution, try it: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...1/search,paypal
  9. I have the same exact problem, and have it for 2 years. 10% of the customers do not click on Continue and the order is not recorded. I'll be watching this trend, and hope someone has a solution. I would like the order to be recorded before the customer is transferred to Paypal, not after he returns.