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  1. Use auto-return with standard paypal. Works ALL the time vs. IPN at 50% if you are lucky....
  2. Bob Loblaw

    [Support] Category Fields

    So to back step a bit - has anyone answered on how to apply the category fields to multiple categories? As it stands you have to create multiple entires - kinda the LONG way no?
  3. Bob Loblaw

    [Contribution] Custom (products) Sort Order

    Yeah, so again a bit premature.... After all the install, and triple checking, it doesnt display the saved sort order in my category listing in the catalog. :o
  4. Bob Loblaw

    [Contribution] Custom (products) Sort Order

    Skip that - is all better. Apparently I read too far ahead and missed 2 vital steps. My bad. EXCELLENT contribution.
  5. Bob Loblaw

    [Contribution] Custom (products) Sort Order

    Couple things... One: categories.php - I cant select the input box - on click it takes me to edit the product Two: categories.php - the sort buttons do not appear. I have installed this twice now using find and replace features in Dreamweaver with no luck on this little glitch. Any thoughts?
  6. Question: If I put a GV on sale, only the SALE price gets credited to the user account - BUT, i need the full GV voucher value to be credited - any thoughts?