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  1. clarry

    The Feedmachine Solution

    hi all, I posted in December about my images not uploading for the feed, everything else seems to work fine. Unfortunatly my little girl has been in hospital so I haven't been around. I am now back and trying to fix this again. I can see what the problem is but not sure how to fix it! The feed is saying that the images are here: http://www.balloondelivery2u.co.uk/images/product-id-16.jpg however that image is in fact here:http://www.balloondelivery2u.co.uk/images/products/large/product-id-16.jpg where can I edit the path so that it adds the two extra folder levels in? Many Thanks Clarry
  2. clarry

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Hi Lech, Would really appreciate some help and tried to PM you but system is not letting me do so! Many thanks Clarry
  3. clarry

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Thanks Frank - am in phpmyadmin at the moment but can't for the life of me figure out which field has the images in - can only see one that says extra images. Think it may be a trial and error job!
  4. clarry

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Hi there, anyone got any ideas how I can get this to work! Thanks Clarry
  5. clarry

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Hi, Thanks! Removing the S worked perfectly and the products are now live on google which is great but.... (always a but!) none of the pictures are uploading, not sure why, we have got a modified version if OSCommerce which has extra images but the feed is displaying a link to images that doesn't work so for example http://www.balloondelivery2u.co.uk/images/f350942921ee21ef5589bee91c4357f7.jpg The actual image can be seen here http://www.balloondelivery2u.co.uk/images/products/original/product-id-144.jpg Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks
  6. clarry

    The Feedmachine Solution

    Hi, I am trying to get this working on a heavily modified version of oscommerce. Seems to all be ok but the feed is going to an https:// URL and we do not currently have an SSL certificate enabled on the site. Web Location of your feeds https://www.balloondelivery2u.co.uk/fm-feeds/ Can you let me know where I can change this configuration. Thanks
  7. hi all, I have had a search and can't find a definite answer but I may be missing it! I have got a site that has AJAX attribute manager installed which is great as each product has about 80 different sizes potentially. I now need a way to add the stock level by size and believe that QTPro is the way to do this. Can you let me know if the two contributions are compatible. Many Thanks Clarry
  8. clarry

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    hi all, I love love love this contribution. Makes OsCommerce so much easier for my customers to understand. One of my customers now needs to add stock levels to each attribute, and have attributes that have a stock level of zero not show. Is it possible to do this with AJAX Attributes and if so what is the best way. Many Thanks Clarry
  9. clarry

    Google Checkout Level 1

    Hi, we have a customer who wishes to integrate Google checkout at a level one integration as he wants the cheap processing but can not afford to pay for an SSL. I can't find any information on how to do this with OSCommerce - is it possible? Thanks Clarry