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    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Forget what i've said. Changing the code made the module stop working correctly. So I'm using it as is. :blush: Hopefully you will keep my suggestions in mind when building a new release. :-"
  2. i2Paq

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    What you say is not all correct as it give the PayPal (Credit Card / Debit) as its footer in the email, and this is something that is only in the language related files. Do have a look at the European Bank Transfer contri for this.
  3. i2Paq

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi Terra, Thansk for this contribution! I think you misunderstand me, I'm adding the code to the PAYPAL_IPN.php file found in the contribution (and not the checkout_process.php), see below. if (is_object($$payment)) { $email_order .= EMAIL_TEXT_PAYMENT_METHOD . "\n" . MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_IPN_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n"; $payment_class = $$payment; $email_order .= $payment_class->title . "\n\n"; if ($payment_class->email_footer) { $email_order .= $payment_class->email_footer . "\n\n"; } } This normaly works fine in any other payment module. I think it has something to do with this: if ($payment_class->email_footer) { $email_order .= $payment_class->email_footer . "\n\n"; That needs to be changed, or am I seeing thing wrong? To show some info during checkout you need to change this in the PayPal_IPN.php: function confirmation() { global $cartID, $cart__ID, $customer_id, $languages_id, $order, $order_total_modules; to: function confirmation() { return array('title' => MODULE_PAYMENT_PayPal_IPN_TEXT_DESCRIPTION); global $cartID, $cart_PayPal_IPN_ID, $customer_id, $languages_id, $order, $order_total_modules; I've already done that and it works great. You only need to change the MODULE_PAYMENT_PayPal_IPN_TEXT_DESCRIPTION in your language related file to suit your needs. (You could add this also in your next release :thumbsup: ) Cheers!
  4. i2Paq

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Thanks for this creat contribution, it works fine for me! There's just a small thing I would like to change/add and that is a "real" email-footer. This is because I have some information in the email-footer of my 2 other methodes of payment and I would like to have this in the PayPal-module to. I already added the Paymentinformation to the checkout-process but cannot get the email-footer to work. This is what it looks at the moment: if (is_object($$payment)) { $email_order .= EMAIL_TEXT_PAYMENT_METHOD . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n"; $payment_class = $$payment; $email_order .= $payment_class->title . "\n\n"; if ($payment_class->email_footer) { $email_order .= $payment_class->email_footer . "\n\n"; } } I've changed it to this: if (is_object($$payment)) { $email_order .= EMAIL_TEXT_PAYMENT_METHOD . "\n" . MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_IPN_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER . "\n" . EMAIL_SEPARATOR . "\n"; $payment_class = $$payment; $email_order .= $payment_class->title . "\n\n"; if ($payment_class->email_footer) { $email_order .= $payment_class->email_footer . "\n\n"; } } But then it shows this in my emails: MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_IPN_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER I've added the MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_IPN_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER to the language related part of this module as I did with other payment modules and they all work fine. Thanks!
  5. I have the same issue. Trying your solution to create a group called, Shp: Netherlands or anything else does not work. The problem is I need 4 Geo Zones because Dutch TPG-post uses them. Zone 1 Belgi? en Luxemburg Zone 2 Denemarken (excl. Faero?r Eilanden en Groenland), Duitsland, Frankrijk (incl. Corsica en Monaco, excl. Andorra), Itali? (excl. San Marino en Vaticaanstad), Oostenrijk, Verenigd Koninkrijk (excl. Gibraltar en Kanaaleilanden) en Zweden Zone 3 Finland, Hongarije, Polen, Sloveni?, Slowakije, Spanje (incl. Balearen, excl. Canarische Eilanden, Ceuta en Melilla) en Tsjechi? Zone 4 Estland, Ierland, Letland, Litouwen en Portugal (incl. Azoren en Madeira) Anyone?
  6. Is there a contribution that does this?